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Re: treatment hep C.

Re: treatment hep C.

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Posted by Linda on June 25, 2000 at 19:04:20:

In Reply to: Re: treatment hep C. posted by Jamie on November 30, 1999 at 16:02:51:

: : : I will just tell you a little about my past. I am 20 years
old and 2 years ago I found out I had Hepatitis C. I have no idea how
I got the disease, I was only 18. I have never done drugs, slept with anyone
and no one in my family has had the virus. I did play 3 sports in
high school, but I had never come into contact with blood. Well anyway
I was on the combination treatment for about 6 months. I was, like you afraid
because I did not want to get sick not to mention injecting the interferon WITH A NEEDLE
into my skin bymyself. I did take a month off of work, but I did not need it
I was one of the lucky ones the first night I took the medication I got
the chills. Then the next day I felt like I had to flu
But it was only for one day. I felt fine the rest of the month. Maybe a little weak
because my white blood cell load went down, but after I got through the first
month I was fine. I did lose 25 lbs and a lot of hair. I also got depression, but a really
light case. I was put on zoloft for a short while and then my thyroid went wacko. I developed
hyper thyroidism, and that is why I lost the hair lost the weight and had the shakes. I would count 50 heart
beats in 15 seconds. My metabolism was crazy. Well I was then taken off of the treatment, knowing it was working
and if I could've finished the 4 months I would have cleared the virus and been in remission. Right now I am fine
None of the alt counts have went back up, but I still have the virus. If i went to give blood, they would not be able
to detect the virus because my counts are below 100. SO the treatment worked for me, and maybe it will work for you.
You are still young, I would definately go for it if you are feeling some of the effects of Hep C now.
It is well worth the try!

: : : hello PAT.
: : : this is VAN,i am going to tell a littlebit about myself:
: : : i am small fram:5'7" 125 lbs and this weights like this since i am a young i am 45.
: : : the more i read on the internet about treatment of other people sideeffect ,the more i am getting
: : : scare and depress,i may give up about this but i may will going to have biopsy on the dec 15,99.
: : : please let me know about yours side effect and do you weakness when do you on treatment?
: : : do you able go to work for living?i can not affort to take of from work.
: : : thanks alot if you could give me all the answers.

: : Hi, Interferon can make one too ill to work, though it does not always do this.
: : I elect NOT to take the interferon, and am not afraid of Hep C. We can easily die from something else before Hep. C. It is usually slow progressing. I also elect NOT to have another point if I am not going on the treatment.
: : The treatment does not cure it anyway, so I elect not to experiment with a potent drug...for what?
: : It just stresses the thyroid which regulates all body chemicals.
: : Hep C is the latest medical and media "concern".

: : I take precaution so as not to spread my disease to anyone else, and do not compromise my liver in other ways, and otherwise am not concerned about it.
: : Unless your liver is so sick as to threaten your life, why worry?
: : And if it is, transplant is really the only other option, isn't it?
: : Get right with your maker, and relax, and don't allow disease itself, or worry about disease, to cotrol your life.

: : One thing is for is terminal.

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