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Re: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused

Re: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused

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Posted by thanbey on June 26, 2000 at 23:53:19:

In Reply to: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused posted by Kathy on June 26, 2000 at 22:07:17:

: Hello

: My husband found out he has hep b. He is jaundiced and had abdominal pain. I've read some of these messages on the list.. and I must say I am as confused by them as by our physician. A specialist will not be able to see him until September The doctor has told us hubby got this from IV drug use or sex.. or both. He didn't come right out with this.. but I know what he meant and he wouldn't discuss this with me. I asked about the longevity of the illness.. could it be six days.. six weeks.. six years, sixty years since he contracted it. He said to me "One month" He said it is because he is jaundiced. Guess nobody wants to tell me but I know some of you must know the answer especially the nurse lady.. Our marriage was in a tilt before this.. and I don't need a doctor telling me now he cheated and got a disease. If it was years ago and it surfaced now.. well nobody's perfect and it could be me as well. Please set me straight .. I don't need a web page.. I have read many and found them to be contradictory. I just want to be safe and have the facts. The specialist was to send out a packet but said the same thing over the phone as the doctor did. I'm really upset as I do well when I deal with facts..not imagined scenarios. I see too that this has a link to HIV.. and that's enough to scare the pants off most of us.. Will anybody talk to me about this? I really need to know. It's not fair to accuse him of something if it's not true and then again maybe it is.. Please help me to find my way for what's best for my family and my spouse..

Hi kathy,

HepB is a bloodborne pathogen that is also transmitted through sexual contact.

Your doctor has tried to tell you that the two most likely ways to contract this is through sex or IVDU.

Since your husband is experiencing an acute case (recent) of the disease, he most likely contracted it within the last month.

These are the facts. The next step is to discuss the situation with your husband to determine whether he has had
sexual relations with an infected person or used IV drugs in the past month.

If your husband uses IV drugs, or has in his past, ask that he be tested for Hepatitis C also.

I hope this helps you, Kathy. I don't know what else to offer except other websites and you say your don't want those.

If the doctor hasn't already suggested it, consider being tested yourself for hep B and hep C.
There are vaccines for hepA and hepB. Ask your doctor if you should be vaccinated.

I hope this helps you,


(I am not a nurse, if you were refering to me)

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