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Re: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused

Re: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused

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Posted by thanbey on June 27, 2000 at 21:28:57:

In Reply to: Re: Husband with Hep B... getting shots ..very confused posted by Kathy on June 27, 2000 at 19:56:20:

: : : Kathy,

Here is informatin from the GlaxoWellcome site. they make the treatments for HepB.

Who is at increased risk of chronic hepatitis B virus infection?
Hepatitis B virus is transmitted sexually, by blood or needle contact, or from mother to child. The groups of
individuals at increased risk are:

Children of hepatitis B virus-infected mothers
Intravenous drug abusers sharing needles
Sexual partners of infected individuals
Other family members of infected individuals
Individuals with multiple sexual partners (homosexual or heterosexual)
Institutionalized individuals (e.g., mentally handicapped, prisoners)
Healthcare workers
Recipients of multiple blood transfusions (especially in countries where blood donors are not screened)
Hemodialysis patients

If virus infection has not cleared up within six months, the infection is considered chronic, and the individual is
at risk of developing chronic liver disease.

With hepatitis B virus infection, the risk of developing chronic infection depends on age of acquisition and
immune competence.

: Would you be able to tell me what the other ways are? How long will he be contagious? Kathy
: : Hi Kathy,

: : YES, it is possible that he doesn't know. I am not as educated about HepB as I am about HepC. I do know there are other ways to contract it except the two ways
: : we have been talking about.

: : No, the symptoms indicate a recent infection.

: : I hope he is feeling better very soon. I am also glad to hear you have taken steps to have yourself covered.

: : thanbey

: : : : Hi kathy,

: : : : HepB is a bloodborne pathogen that is also transmitted through sexual contact.

: : : : Your doctor has tried to tell you that the two most likely ways to contract this is through sex or IVDU.

: : : : Since your husband is experiencing an acute case (recent) of the disease, he most likely contracted it within the last month.

: : : : These are the facts. The next step is to discuss the situation with your husband to determine whether he has had
: : : : sexual relations with an infected person or used IV drugs in the past month.

: : : : If your husband uses IV drugs, or has in his past, ask that he be tested for Hepatitis C also.

: : : : I hope this helps you, Kathy. I don't know what else to offer except other websites and you say your don't want those.

: : : : If the doctor hasn't already suggested it, consider being tested yourself for hep B and hep C.
: : : : There are vaccines for hepA and hepB. Ask your doctor if you should be vaccinated.

: : : : I hope this helps you,

: : : : thanbey

: : : : (I am not a nurse, if you were refering to me)

: : : Hello Thanbey and thank you!

: : : I was given one of the series of shots from the doctor and had the tests that came back negative.
: : : I had talked to my husband, and he denies any of these factors as being the cause. He says he has not had relations with anyone else and has never used IV drugs. One web page stated how people get this through saliva if there are open sores, and I believe I read this here as well. I just don't know what to believe right now. I did look at the web links you posted to other people and if there is anything you think would be helpful please post it. The fairy didn't bring this to him. I read one poster stated it came from a transfusion many years ago. Is that possible?
: : : I guess perhaps this acute phase of illness he has is saying otherwise huh? Could it be possible he really doesn't know?

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