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Posted by Rambo on August 17, 2000 at 19:47:11:

Think about this! If a little wart on the finger or where ever it may be can't be cured how can anyone hope for a cure for herpes or aids. Papilloma the wart virus seems to me should be the easiest to cure,
since its pretty close to the survace of the skin. Why out of all the scientist and researchers in the world can papilloma not be cured?
This is what I think?
It would be the biggest news since pennicillin. Pennicillin came out on the brink of WWII before investors started running the world. Money wasn't the issue over penn. Saving lives was the issue. The issue now is profits not cures, not saving lives. How many people die everyday of aids all over the world because they can't afford the medication. I work everyday and if I had Aids I couldn't afford it look how expensive Herpes medication is I couldn't afford it, who can. These people are getting rich, while the rest of the world gets sick and dies. Will it ever change. The answer is no, it never will until you
we, the people start running our own lives and quit letting everyone else run it for us.
Stop letting people pretend for you that herpes is no big deal if you have herpes your life is over if you have any respect for yourself. If I gave this shit to anyone I would go crazy. How could you drag someone into a life of hell just for your satifaction
of a relationship. What if you had Aids it would be worse you can be responsible for actually taking the life of someone and for what because you were lonely and thought you had the right to have someone!
Well you know what we do have the right to have someone and try to get back to living again. I haven't felt good in over 4 years now I would love to be able to crawl out of the bed in the morning and feel like a normal person again. I may be breathing but I'm not living. The way things are going now there will never be a cure for anything and we will go to our graves thinking how we missed a shot at a descent life. They want treatments, not cures! Now back to papilloma. Whats the word out on viruses- they can't be cured! If warts were cured then everyone would start asking the FDA and the drug companies what about AIDS and HERPES why can't they be cured. Then all the investors who have put millions into shares of certain major drug comapanies would start pulling there money out and the companies would fold. What the world needs is a hero who wants a reward a glory other than money. Is that possible in the world today. Yes it is. If I had a cure for these deseases I would tell the world what it was would you!

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