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Re: My discussion

Re: My discussion

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Posted by Elaine on September 08, 2000 at 22:19:41:

In Reply to: Re: My discussion posted by Suzan on September 07, 2000 at 20:52:47:

: : : : : 25 M.1 year. I have been lucky enough to be on an antivirals that help supress my symptoms but I would like to share my story.

: : : : : When I start to feel the symptoms I start to get light headed and a headache at the base of my neck. A cold feeling falls over the left side of my face. I feel a little tingley itchy feeling in the corner of my mouth. The left side of my face cheek gets and redish. I get small slices or cracks in the corner of my mouth, that crust over. Makes it hard to open my mouth wide sometimes. They last about a week. I notice it more when I don't eat well. I once had an blister outbreak on my cheek that looked like a big zit, which was embarrasing enough to call in sick.
: : : : : Also. The base of my spine (tailbone) starts to ache. My thighs get sharp aching feeling. And I get really bad cramping gas. And the tip of my penis is red and tender. Thats it. I've had it for about a year now and have had no trouble. I do admit, my primary first outbreak was the worst. At one point I thought my penis was on fire, I was blowing on it to cool it down. I was sick for a month, and really bad symptoms every couple weeks for the first four months. It really toar me down from thinking I had it all, to changing my life completely and introducing me to the real world of viruses and disease.
: : : : : Now that its been my first year, things have settled down. I'm starting to date again, I don't feel my life is over anymore, and my symptoms are milder. So if you just got it, remember that your life isn't over and it will get easier.

: : : : First, thanks for sharing your story. Hearing what other people go through makes it easier for the rest of us to keep it together thru an outbreak. I've had herpes for a year now myself, and I agree: your life is defintely not over.

: : : : What I wanted to kind of bring up with you (and everyone on the board) as kind of a discussion based on what you said was: According to everything I've heard and read about herpes, it's said that your first (primary) outbreak is the worst, and that they gradually get less virulent over time. So much so that doctors say that herpes kind of burns itself out over the passing of several years. The point I was more making tho was this...if stress and depression and anxiety are some of the major triggers, does it make sense that maybe as you become more accustomed to having the disease, you get less stressed about having it, and eventually that would make the outbreaks less virulent in and of itself?

: : : : Any thoughts?

: : :
: : : I have nothing of this kind during my first outbreak. Now I get moderate pain in my thighs and my skin gets tender 2-3 days before the outbreak starts. I do not feel sick or anything but as soon as I feel these symptoms, I start taking my antiviral medication, and sometimes I end up with a bit of redness on my hip, and that's it. Usually, when the body is run down, the virus (whatever virus) gets more active, i.e. it sees more opportunities to show up. So, the key is to have a good diet, plenty of rest, exercise, and take care of your body. Hope this helps.

: : ******************************************************

: : I guess symptoms and severity vary between people. I do not mean that I get sick(nauseous) during my episodes, I mean during my primary episode I felt run down, achy, like a virus took over my body gross, plus the burning. I guess we do agree that there is a achy feeling in the thighs and the tenderness before and during an outbreak. Yes, my primary episode was the worst and my body is learning how to fight the virus. Since my primary it has been easier each month. Yes, health, diet, rest, and exercise, help your body fight off the virus. When your run down, been out partying, sick or stressed, the virus will act up.

: *******************************************
: I, as Elaine, experience the same type of things without the redness of my hip. I've had it for twelve years, maybe one to two outbreaks a year, and nothing has felt like the first outbreak. That was absolutely awful! I was so scared. Anyway, not only when I haven't had sufficient rest or kept up a good diet do I have outbreaks, but when I get sick or have some other type of infection (ie, yeast infection), I will have an outbreak. Nevertheless, it does not go away, no cure (yet...still hopeful) and I haven't experienced any relief of symptoms as described.

Just wanted to clarify that the redness on my hip is the actual herpes (I have it on my thigh usually). And acyclovir taken as soon as I feel the symptoms coming up REALLY helps!

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