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Re: I have had herpes for 10 this

Re: I have had herpes for 10 this

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Posted by Elaine on October 01, 2000 at 10:44:30:

In Reply to: I have had herpes for 10 this posted by Julie on September 30, 2000 at 14:54:50:

: I am new to the message board and just thought I would help people that have been recently dx with herpes or who are still in denial. When I first got herpes I was devestated beyong belief. The first outbreak was horrible..I couldn't even urinate because of the pain. I was 20 at the time. Well...after 10 years of dealing with this I have learned alot about this virus but even more importantly I have learned about myself. I think the hardest part of this is having to tell a new mate that you have herpes. God..I hate that! But I can honestly say that noone has ever left me because of it. When I was first diagnosed..for about 3 years I would have an outbreak probably once a month. Now I may have an outbreak like once every 6 mths or so. I haven't done anymagic tricks or anything special..I think over time the outbreaks will decrease. I guess the main thing I want to stress is you have less fear about something if you have knowledge. So, please study herpes and know what it does to your body. having herpes does not make you a "bad person" or a "slut" is just an unfortunate thing that has occured but remember a whole lot of people have it! I just want to say that it is not the end of the world..I know it may feel like it but it really isn't. For me...I don't tell a guy on the first date "hey by the way..I have herpes". I wait until I trust him and know that our relationship has potential. Sometimes if I tell a guy I will have pamphlets with know it sounds funny but alot of people do not understand herpes and if they learn more..they are likely to be less scared. I hope I have helped. Please respond if you have questions. :)

I had herpes for many years, too but the fact of my having it has never bothered me at all. When I get occasional outbreaks, I deal with it. When I don't have them, I never ever think about it. Also, no-one has ever left me over it. It plays such a minor part in my life that I cannot imagine why I would be upset or even devastated because of it. It is a perfectly manageable condition and I really do not understand why anyone would freak out about it. I guess, I would be more upset if I had sores on my mouth / face... that does not look too good, I must admit. Genital herpes comes and goes and as far as I am concerned is no big deal at all.

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