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Re: the spread of herpes and a few other questions....

Re: the spread of herpes and a few other questions....

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Posted by Julie on October 10, 2000 at 22:15:00:

In Reply to: the spread of herpes and a few other questions.... posted by doomed on October 10, 2000 at 10:31:12:

: hello everyone...i just found out the other day that i have been "diagnosed" with herpes simplex 1...i have never spend so much time on the internet to find the answers to my qestions but here we go...
: 1. although i have simplex 1, my herpes grew in my genital area(which i'm assuming from oral sex) however, will this simpolex 1 turn into simplex 2 in time and will my recurrences remain in that area or move its way over my body, i.e. lips, nose, eyes, etc
: 2. while i have these outbreaks down there, is my saliva (or my whole body for that matter) cantagious? other words, should kissing be completely prohibited??
: 3. my results, as my doctor informed me, were not "confirmed" do i actually have a chance of not having herpes AT ALL? or they wanna make sure it's not simplex2?
: last but not least...
: 4. what is considered worse 1 or 2???????

: please someone who has the knowledge about these matters, contact me...i'm only 22 and i feel so alone...i haven't even told my best friend which is pretty bad..i'm just so embarassed....

I hope this information helps you. First of all..if you have bumps or blisters, you should not have oral sex or intercourse. As far as kissing, if you have a blister on your lips, I wouldn't kiss anyone. You don't have to completely stop kissing. Just be careful. I hope this isn't too graphic...if you have a blister or bump on your penis and someone gives you oral sex, they can get it. Or, if you have sex with her, she can get it that way. I don't think it really matters if it is Simplex 1 or still have to be very careful. Just know..this is not the end of the world. So many people have aren't alone. Read up on herpes so you are familiar. If you want my email address reply back to this and I will give it to you. :)

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