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Re: the spread of herpes and a few other questions....

Re: the spread of herpes and a few other questions....

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Posted by Brad- Great News on October 12, 2000 at 19:50:36:

In Reply to: Re: the spread of herpes and a few other questions.... posted by Julie on October 10, 2000 at 22:15:00:

First of all the virus doesn't grow like a human or tree it replicates boom all at once thousands appear ready to do battle when called on. They're like robots nothing like bacteria.

I think there are around eight or nine different herpes viruses, just like there are so many different flu viruses and cold viruses.

The herpes virus is revered to 1 and 2 usually
and 1 is above the belt and 2 is below the belt.

The virus will do what it knows how to do when and if it is given the proper materials to to create its kind. Materials in foods like chocolate and sugars. I have had the worse luck with this virus for over 4 years now and I can save you some money and some hell by telling you what has taken me so long to figure out. How to fight back against a virus set out to destroy what we call a good life of relationships, sex and family making.

Don't go to docters and get prescriptions that cost hundreds of dollars that are not even effective. Valtex is useless for what it cost.
What you must do is believe. You must believe that one day you will be set free from the hands of this nasty virus. And to do this you must cure yourself. And I can tell you how you can do it right now and it will take determination.

Get stocked up on liquid oxygen or oxygen pills filled with 35 percent peroxide. Take about 2 every hour or so thruout the day everday don't miss an hour not even at night when you wake up to go to the bathroom take some more keep taking them from here on out don't stop no matter what. Order BHT off the net its cheap start taking about 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 a day it will keep the virus from replicating itself. It alone is better that Valtrex. When you can keep the virus from replicating you don't have as must in the body to kill and the peroxide will zap it when it comes into contact with it it will destroy the virus but it will take time maybe years or months.
If you hit it hard enough for long enough you can destroy it. If you still have outbreaks when you start this increase the dosage of peroxide and BHT. And when you are outbreak free don't stop taking it or you are back to the very first day you started, you will loose ground keep fighting, and fighting for your life. Go to search engines and on BHT and H202 and you can find where to buy it. I will tell you if you mix 35 percent peroxide the liquid its cheaper and it taste terrible and it will make you a little sick to your stomach you must take it on an empty stomach or you will throw up. I like the pills better of dried oxygen. Oxygen will kill anything the body produces it but not enough for a virus such as this help your body help you.

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