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Re: Just found out - transmission?

Re: Just found out - transmission?

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Posted by Sue on October 18, 2000 at 01:40:04:

In Reply to: Re: Just found out - transmission? posted by rAY on April 18, 2000 at 21:32:49:

: : I just found out this evening that what I had thought was herpes zoster (shingles) is actually herpes simplex. This was through a culture of the blisters so I'm pretty sure it's accurate, but the rash is on my buttocks so I never would have dreamed that's what it was. I also a few months ago had a similar rash on the back of my knee, but at the time I just assumed it was poison ivy or something similar and never thought about it. They are going to type it to determine Type-1 or Type-2, but either way, I have it.

: : Now here is my question. I have only ever had one sexual partner (though I have received oral sex in past relationships), and that has been for the last year or so and we don't use condoms anymore. I have not told him the results of the test yet, but we have discussed this topic before and he said he has never had it or had any symptoms of it. So my question is this - could I have contracted it any other way than from him?

: : The reason I ask this (and this is kind of an embarassing story, but since this is anonymous) is because I recently was being fitted for a diaphragm, and during the part of the appointment where I was trying to put it in and take it out myself I dropped the "sample" diaphragm on the floor. I washed it off with anti-bacterial soap before putting it back in again, but is there any way this could have caused it? It seems to me that this would be a hugely unlikely chain of events, because from what I've read it should wash off with soap and water, and wouldn't live that long on a floor (if there was some way it got on the floor to begin with), but the only other option is that my boyfriend has it and doesn't know. I also would think transmission from the diaphragm was unlikely because of the spot on my knee from a couple months ago.

: : I'm trying to figure this out, because there will be a big difference for us if he already has it or if I have it and could give it to him. Is there any test that can be done to determine if he is infected even though he has never had symptoms? Sorry this message is so long. Any information or insight would be appreciated.
: I'm not a doctor or the like but i think that the oral sex before would be enought to get the vires. I overheard medeco pepole say that blisters/rashs on other parts of the body can be herpies. The blood test for herpies is not very good I'm told. They need to take a smear for the test. you shoud talk to him and start using condums unelse he tests positive. I wish you well

I also have had the rash on my butt. It is not as hard to get it as people think. You can even get it from a cold sore on your lip. I doubt you got it from the floor. Lysine cream really works well if you apply it the minute you get the tingling. This may sound weird, but whenever I pull my back or hamstring muscle from working out too hard, I get the sores. I stretch alot, apply the lysine cream and it sometimes goes away in two days. My boyfriend has never gotten them from me, if the sore is bad I put a bandaid on it. try the lysine cream , but don't rack your brain trying to figure out where they came from, it could be anywhere.

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