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Re: This is the only way to prevent cold sore outbreaks!!

Re: This is the only way to prevent cold sore outbreaks!!

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Posted by SuzyL on October 24, 2000 at 19:27:59:

In Reply to: This is the only way to prevent cold sore outbreaks!! posted by Gemma on October 04, 2000 at 09:59:40:

Thank you! Finally, we get some good information regarding the treatment of cold sores. Some of what you suggested I have already been doing, but some of your information is new to me and I am going to start today. I have been having outbreaks of herpes simplex since I was very young and it seems to get worse as an adult. My lips swell up so bad it looks as I’ve been punched in the mouth! Sometimes I get so feverish and sick that I stay home from work.

Some added tips - When I get a cold sore, I mix lysine ointment, zovirax ointment and carmex in a small jar and apply it constantly for 3 days. I also take about 2000-4000 mg of lysine tablets, double my vitamin intake and take ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. This treatment has really helped reduce the duration of my cold sores - the last one crusted over in 2-3 days and was cleared up within one week – compared to 2 weeks with no treatment. The scar takes much longer to fade and I am going to try your recommendation of applying zinc.

Using carmex and wearing lipstick whenever I am outside really helps decrease the chance of getting a cold sore. I agree that one should avoid drinking alcohol, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. Whenever I “overdo” it, I am rewarded with a painful sore on my lip.

Have you ever tried penciclovir (aka Danavir), valaciclovir (aka Valtrex) or famciclovir (aka Famvir)? I am curious if these medications work.

: Ok, I have discovered the ONLY way to control Cold Sores. I have been getting them for 5 years and in the last year they have been getting steadily worse. I hate them with such a passion, they can really make you feel awful...
: I decided that I would not have my life and self esteem ruined by such an annoyance... So about 4 months ago I researched and researched and talked to doctors and specialists and came up with this: my SOLUTION to avoid cold sores forever and how to cure em quick when they come.

: This has worked for me, I have had just 1 outbreak in 4 months (I fell off my own plan and that was the result) so I thought I would go and find some sites on the web, as there isnt much really, and post my findings...

: Firstly: Diet - do not eat any argornine rich food, basically this is chocolate and nuts (esp. peanuts) - I know this sucks. Argornine is the very WORST thing for the herpes virus. Eat alot of fruit, vegies, meat esp chicken, and lots of dairy. These are high in lysine which brings me to my next point...
: Supplements: Lysine fights the cold sore virus. Take supplements- I take about 4000mg a day when I am stressed or I think I have been burning the candle at both ends a bit, and 2000 or 3000mg a day otherwise. you cannot O.D on Lysine.
: I also take St.Johns Wort, a multivitamin, VitaminC, echinacea and zinc. These are all good for the immune system, help you handle stress, VitC helps the absorbtion of lysine, and zinc is particularly good for the skin.
: Get alot of sleep, exercise, and wear a high SPF on your face EVERY DAY!! (you won't get wrinkles either, yay)
: I also rub Zovirax into my face about once every couple of days just in case.
: Now when I feel a cold sore coming on - that horrid tingling - I take a zinc/Vitamin C lozenge every couple of hours for a day or so. I also put Zovirax on constantly all around my mouth as I have found that the tingling area is not always where the cold sore comes up. I make sure I get to bed early...
: Now if the cold sore does come up!!
: Don't drink alcohol or smoke if you can help it, it seriously makes it worse. Keep Zovirax on it all the time even if people look at you funny for having white stuff on your face!! Take extra Lysine and vitamin supplements during the entire breakout. Buy some medicated antiseptic soap and wash the area round your mouth thoroughly a couple of times a day so they don't spread. Pat dry with tissues. When the cold sore starts to dry, make a thick lather with the soap and leave it on your cold sore to dry, it will help the cold sore dry. Do not ever dry your face with your towel, use a tissue, and wash your pillowcases as often as possible!
: When the cold sore is gone and you justhave the scar, zinc is very important - I have found that it really helps with healing.
: Good luck.
: I hope this works for you like it works for me!!

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