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Re: What does Herpes Look like- In Stages -Single bumps? Multiple Bumps? over time

Re: What does Herpes Look like- In Stages -Single bumps? Multiple Bumps? over time

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Posted by Magie on November 06, 2000 at 23:08:54:

In Reply to: What does Herpes Look like- In Stages -Single bumps? Multiple Bumps? over time posted by kevinP. on November 06, 2000 at 20:30:43:

Have you been to a health clinic... They are very through and have clinic specifically for sexual
You have me puzzled. I know when my breakout appears it sometimes comes as one single spot and my doctor couldn't catch it but the health clinic did as they did a scraping and tested it ... I wish you luck and bless you for thinking of others . Take care

: I would like to see a website that shows herpes from the very onset, like what is would look like in a series
: of photos.. Is is one bump or many bumps, the dermatology pages I have seen show clusters. on the
: genitals and face, what does it look like on the thigh or buttocks, arms fingers etc. I keep getting these
: bumps and had the herpes blood test and is was negative for antibodies, A biobpsy was taken and I was told it could
: be folickuitus(sp) or psioform(sp type of dermatiis - non-contagious. but, . My wife was having her hair cut
: at her hairdresser personal home during the day when and next i know I have these spots around
: my belly button, chest, elbows thighs. and backside of my legs, neck. etc.. I have heard of some kind of rare contact gonerhia..?
: ( I am perplexed.) after seeing a dermatologist and doctor and having a biopsy.. Maybe I should take pics
: of these spots and post them. here for analysis and get some feedback.

: Perplexed..

: I now have been divorced for two years and Have not been sexually active.. I feel like i need to find
: out what this stuff is..before i move on -- I basically was told if was psioform .. Still not convinced.

: These single spots start out an ichy red raised bump, and then the skin will open up with a sore and
: you can put a needle down into the hole., like a opening, clear puss can come out. and it takes about
: 5 weeks for them to close and go away.. like an infected hair folicle. Any IDeas?

: I

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