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Re: no recurrences

Re: no recurrences

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Posted by FD on November 07, 2000 at 03:19:41:

In Reply to: Re: no recurrences posted by Brad G. on November 06, 2000 at 14:13:02:

: First of all your not lucky your very unlucky as millions are who have come into contact with this virus. Once you get it you got it unless you no something no one else does, unless you can cure yourself meaning destroy all of the viral content in your body. You see now that you have it your not like you were before when you didn't have it!
: Things change your contaminated, and very contagious you could actually completely destroy someone elses life by passing the virus on to him or her its more than a complication if word gets out that you have herpes your talk of the town weather you like to admit it or not. Guys will stay away from you, girls will stay away from the guys who have it thats the truth people need to quit lieing to theirselves.

Wow, a little more doom and gloom?! Pretty soon you will have me convinced I should be quarantined.

On the serious side, yes...once you have it you have it. But we (meaning, those of us who have herpes) aren't lepers. We don't have skin sliding off, our vaginal walls/penile shafts aren't gangrenous and disgusting. It's all a matter of sharing good information people! Arm yourself with knowledge! Arm your partners with knowledge! If you feel like you are a disgusting diseased person, think again! Herpes IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE! Using big ole stereotypical words like "contaminated" and "highly contagious" is just proliferating bad information...yes, we have highly contagious periods over time (during an outbreak), and yes, we do have a permanent STD that we do need to communicate to our partners. Contaminated? I think not. I'm not toxic, I'm not poisonous, and I refuse to act like I am. No one has to handle me in full on eco-gear. Yes, we need to be safe. Does that mean life is over? Heck no!

And there are people in this world who understand these husband being one of them, my best friends new husband being another example. They know we have it, I even got it from my husband (when we were still dating, and he gave it to me completely unknowingly)...I'm still in love with the guy, there was never a doubt in my mind, and I still married him. He didn't "completely distroy my life", as my friends thoughtless partner who transmitted it to her didn't destroy hers (proof being: after they parted ways, she found a great guy who didn't freak out about the herpes thing, and got married). Having herpes isn't a big ole sign saying "get away from me"'s just a change of physical state. A huge part of it is attitude. If you feel like an outcast, a "contaminated" person, a freak...well, that will come across. The good news? That's completely unfounded. No freaks, no contaminated people, no outcasts. But you have to be willing to stand up for the fact that you have a right to your life, herpes or no.

Whoa, ok...I'm stepping down off my soapbox before I get kicked off the board. :) I get a little vehement when I see people "suffering" from herpes instead of fighting against the rampant misinformation. *slinks away*

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