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Re: How did I contract Herpes if my boyfriend doesn't have it?

Re: How did I contract Herpes if my boyfriend doesn't have it?

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Posted by Jim on December 12, 1999 at 08:06:04:

In Reply to: Re: How did I contract Herpes if my boyfriend doesn't have it? posted by Shannon on November 09, 1999 at 17:14:18:

: : Carol, I've had herpes for several years and never experienced any breakouts like my partner has. I got in touch with the local county health department and they sent me information and sources for other information.
By and large , many of us build up strong antibodies to resist the outbreaks(called shedding) and if my information is correct, this is the only time you can spread herpes. Once you have it, you can't get rid of it, nor can you be reinfected. The frequency of outbreaks and severity of the outbreaks is more a matter of your own physiology and how you handle stress. You will no doubt find more outbreaks near your period and during times that would normally be high anxiety events for you. Herpes appearantly resides in the central nervous system and therefore traumatic events stimulate its attack on the body. From what i have studiied to this point, there is no proof yet that herpes can spread before the outbreak(shedding) or after but we are advised not to take chances and make use of condoms. There are many people taking part in a study at the U of Washington (state) where only one member of the couple has herpes and I guess that by watching for the times that are normal outbreaks and being aware of what the sores look like one may be able to prevent the spread of herpes. The only sores i've ever had were like small pimples close together on my penis. Many women who have herpes don't know it because the sores only occurin their vaginaand may not be large or very irrating. about 20 to 25 % of the public has this and it is growing worse every day, try to stay healthy, get plenty of sleep and take your MD's advice. Also, call your local health department, they will help you and may even have better and more updated information than I have. In the mean time, thos eof so infected, might create some kind of website so that we might have a means of getting together and finding one another so we can enjoy life, sex, fun and not worry about spreading herpes further. What do you think?

: I have herpes for 7 weeks now. I got them from my boyfriend who did not know he had them because his body has never given him any visible signs.
: Everyone is different and everyone's bodies are different. You can see that by reading all the different messages that are posted. Some people
: break out worse them others. My break outs are very painful, but then I've always had very sensitive skin. My boyfriend still doese not break out
: even when we have un-protected sex, I break out and he doesn't. He has yet to expereince the pain I go through every break out. And yes, We have both
: seen a doctor, and were told that both of us have herpes.

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