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Re: could this be???

Re: could this be???

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Posted by Cassper on January 03, 2000 at 00:01:29:

In Reply to: Re: could this be??? posted by StudioGuy on December 30, 1999 at 22:30:56:

: : ok, about 3 or 4 months my upper lip started to itch, about 3 days later a spot, not really a blister appeared. my upper lip sometimes itches and burns. not really bad but just a little. now there hasnt been any ruptures on the spot, and it has been there for like 3-4 months. i went to the doctor about a month ago. i asked him about the spot he took a quick look at it and prescribed an ointment, he said it was some kind of infection. the ointment said to use it for 10 days. i did this and after 10 days it was still the same. could this be herpies. also why has this been here so long. if it was herpies wouldnt it had blisterd or burst or something by now???
: : also i had been dating this girl for about 5 months. when i met her there was no spot. after i had known her for about 2 weeks there was. if this is herpies i know i didnt get it from her. but she has no symp. as of yet. wouldnt she be showing signs by now.

: : please respond by e-mail, your help would be greatly appreatied.
: : darkie

: Hey Darkie... it could be I guess, but you should go have a blood test done at the Doctor... try some L-Lysine ointment (health food store) and directly apply some goldenseal liquid with a cotton ball... I know it tastes bad, but it worked on my girlfriend immediately after her blister started forming... from what I understand, if this girl isn't showing symptoms, she may just have a higher immune system than you, have less of an infection or may not have contracted it... call the Herpes Hotline for more info...

Well, it could be but it could be a lot of other things also.A itchy patch isn't always herpies, it doesn't take that long for cold sores to form on your mouth.You should go to a dermatologist and have him check it out incase it is something else.I have two patches that show up once in awhile on my cheek and one by my lip,they are dry and reddish, not blisters.It is not herpies, I am a sun worshipper and I think it was called dermatitis I may be wrong, but it was meaning dry skin patches.So breathe deep, don't panic, see a Doc and don't kiss anyone with a coldsore-tough
hun?Don't be so quick to lame the person you are with now, if you did have it it could have been with you a long time and just decidedto show it's ugly head.Thats why it is so hard with this ugly thing, you really don't know and people don't tell like they should.Which is why it is speading so much.Good luck, ask your Doc thats what hes there for.

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