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Re: herpies how can i understand it better

Re: herpies how can i understand it better

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Posted by sympathetic on January 25, 2000 at 21:45:13:

In Reply to: Re: herpies how can i understand it better posted by Shannon on November 03, 1999 at 14:32:32:

: From my experience, I break out a day and 1/2 after having un-protected sex with my boyfriend. If we wear protection, I don't break out. You need to keep your body in good health
: or you could break out just from having a cold or not eating right.
: I have heard that we are closer to a cure..but who really knows.

: The medicine does work if you take it as directed. And it works better if you start taking it within 24 hours of break out.

I have herpies simplex 1 in my genitals. I got it through oral sex. I had no clue the person had it,
but they did. My first breakout lasted 12 days and I had it so severe that it was recommended
that I go to the emergency room. I couldn't afford it because I am only a 21 year old college
student. I went to a public health clinic and they prescribed my Valtrex. At the time it didn't
seem to work, but know I swear by it. I continued to have a smaller break out every couple
of weeks. I was put on suppresive therapy due to my frequent break outs. Now when ever I
start to feel the slightest sore throat I take a Valtrex. It seems to work. Remember every
sexual encounter you have may effect you for life. I hope for a cure, but there is never any
gaurentees. I hear they may be coming out with a vaccine in abour 5 years. But it won't help
us any. You should also keep in mind that if you plan on having children someday that you
may have to have a c-section. You can pass herpies through to your baby. One last piece of
advice " you can give it back and forth to eachother and especially to your self." If you touch
your self make sure you wash your hands thouroghly. You can give it to your mouth and eyes.
Be Careful!!! And to relieve the pain sit in front of a fan with a loose flowing skirt and dry it out
it will heal much faster, but make sure you don't dry out to the point of cracking. If it was as
bad as mine I crawled to the bathtub and sat in ice water before going to the bathroom.
And don't wipe with dry toiletpaper. I suggest baby wipes, unscented.

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