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Re: New Partner W/ Herpes...HELP!

Re: New Partner W/ Herpes...HELP!

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Posted by Norm on February 11, 2000 at 14:45:26:

In Reply to: Re: New Partner W/ Herpes...HELP! posted by Eeyore on January 24, 2000 at 06:37:20:

Herpes won't kill you, unless you agree with some of the newer articles that link it to problems such as arterosclerosis. I'm apalled at the amount of fragmented and incomplete information on the subject. In part I believe this to be because of an article I remember reading in a Reader's Digest probably during the 80's. I think it was about herpes and doctors had made a decision not to get involved in the how and where you got it because they didn't want to be dragged into divorce court, but to only help heal. I've been with the same partner 23 years and about 4 years ago my wife gets it. A couple of months later I get it in the pubic area. She claims to have been faithful and I know I have been. How can this be? The doctors I've questioned all became uneasy when the questions moved to how. The answers seemed evasive. One health care worker at a clinic told me that a man could get it in his penis and have it for years without ever knowing. I've tried to find a concise clear history of the disease, such as when it evolved to genital, and other facts without success. The position doctors postured at that time must change. I am forced to live with suspicion. Monthly out breaks with the 10 day flu-like symtoms are not fun. Even after taking acyclovir the outbreaks were regular. After a couple of years they slowed to 5-7 a year and last year only 2 small outbreaks and a couple of times where only the flu-like aches and pains and itching of the site occurred. All out breaks were within a half inch of the original site. My wife has only had one reoccurence, she says. It's almost as if doctors don't care much about herpes with the presence of aids, but they are wrong. I know of a doctor that had to give up surgery because it affected him to the point he could no longer use his hands for the delicate work. It has ruined my sex life, marriage, and any possible future for fear of spreading it. The location of my infections render a condom useless. It is far more serious than mumps, measles, or chicken pox and shouldn't be dismissed like having a minor sore throat.

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