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Posted by midas on June 25, 2000 at 13:12:17:

Hey, i have a problem two weeks ago or so I had a wierd feeling around my mouth and a small patch of red skin apeared around the left side of my mouth. But i burned myself enough to burn the roof of my mouth and then I got freaked out and put hydrogen peroxide on my face the entire area turned white and bubbled up. For about three days. Then cleared up, both the redness around the left side the mouth and the burn on the inside of my mouth. Now the bumps have returned 3 weeks later. I have had pain in my testicals for a couple of weeks as well. I went to the clinic and they gave me a cla, gon, syph which all came back negative. but I still have pain there and then last night I put hydroden peroxide on my penis and the entire length turned white and I have been realy stressed out about having HSV-2 or 1 and the more I stress the more my testicals hurt the don't seem to swell. I went to the dermatologists last week about my face and he gave me some antibiotics of my face thinks it some kind of infected exima(sp). For the burn while urinating how intence is it I had a slight burning felling so slight that I really could not tell. I have a slight inchyness inside my penis about a inch in that I can sometimes feel but thats after I have played with my penis. Squeezing it and looking for bumps I get a feeling inside that I start to dwell on and then start to freak out. I havve to go back to the clinic for my aids test tomorrow and I am going to ask them as well. But this seems to be a topic that their is so much general information about that could be alot of different things. There are nonoticiable bumps on the penis that arn't just skin bumps or hair.

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