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Posted by Donna on July 30, 2000 at 21:16:27:

In Reply to: High Blood Pressure posted by Gary Brian Gecoma on July 30, 2000 at 20:05:11:

: I just had a physical and found out I have High Blood Pressure.

: My Readings are as Fallows.... 175 over 120

: What is the Best way to Lower this to NORMAL Readings without perscription drugs?
: I want to use Herbs and or other natural products - so I'm not hooked on Drugs...
: HELP ME !!!! FAST !!!
Gary, Take it EASY! That's the 1st thing lol. My readings are the same as yours. I'm 52 yo female. Somewhat overweight but not hugely so. That's the second thing. If you're carrying extra weight, get it OFF! Get rid of or reduce caffeine & nicotine. Take calcium & magnesium supplement. They are both in the same pill. I take 600mgs. Drink linden flower tea. It tastes good and is recommended in Pritikin & Dr. Weil's web site. There is also an herbal tea out by Republic of Tea called chamomile lemon tea. It has linden flower, skullcap,passionflower, valerian root, (all hypotensive) and lemonbalm, chamomile, lavendar flower, orange blossom, It tastes good, but a little pricey. Vitamin c has been shown to be hypotensive. I take 1 gram a day (1000 mgs) EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE. Gentle & sustained exercize like walking is great. Limit refined flour, sugar JUNK. There's a ton of info on the internet. Dr. Weils site & many more. Remember that your pressure will be up somehwat when you go to doc because you're nervous. You can get a monitor & take it at home, but don't get crazy with it. Take it when you're relaxed Good Luck. My readings are always much much higher when I go to doc & he gets really mad at me because I won't take the med LOL oh well

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