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Posted by Brian on August 04, 2000 at 23:29:48:

In Reply to: 25 with high blood pressure? posted by Steve` on August 02, 2000 at 23:46:26:

: I recently went to the doctors office for a check up, he took my blood pressure and he said it was to high, it was 160, but an hour later I went to a friends house that has a blood pressure machine, and it read 130, which is normal, so who should i believe? the doctor even prescribed me medicine Diovan 80mg. I meed help please reply

Steve, I just recently found out I have High Blood Pressure. I'm now 31, but I think I've had it for a while and just in the past few years, I believe it became much worse. Anyhow In your case, I wouldn't panic, (which I did, in fact I had anxiety over it -- which perpetuated and caused me NOT to want to see a doctor) Just keep an eye on your blood pressure from time to time. In fact you may want to document the results at various times then talk to your doctor about the results. If your serious about your blood pressure you may want to invest in a blood pressure monitor. I have one that attaches to your wrist works automatically just by pressing a button. Its quite accurate and delivers your blood pressure and pulse.

As a side note, some doctors do not believe in what is called "White Coat" syndrome. Which is where a patient basically sets them selves up to have high blood pressure before their doctor visits. I have it, and my doctor knows it. He doesn't even bother to take my blood pressure because of that fact. I just document my pressure at home and work, then give him the results.


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