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Posted by Greg on August 11, 2000 at 15:59:22:

In Reply to: Isolated Diastolic hypertension posted by Abby on February 05, 2000 at 04:35:02:

: HI, I visited my doc today for my weekly allergy injection when i suddenly felt dizzy. I have been getting headaches a lot more lately but never really thought about it much. I thought i just needed a new glasses! To make the story short, my doc told me i needed to be on medication since my diastolic is over 90. Base on my history, my diastolic has always been high , however, not over 90. I am only 25 and hates to be in a maintenance heart pill. Do u think i should seek second opinion? Will it hard me to take a maintenace pill? Is there a way to know if this condition will go away? Does anyone know anything about diastolic hypertension? I tried searching here online but got nothing out of it. Anyone have the same problem as mine right now? Please help! Thanks!

I will give you my 2 cents as a heath care professional. It is difficult to second guess your MD from what you have listed. I will give you some things to think about though. It really depends on how high above 90 you are. For instance if it was 110 I would concerned, but 94 I would not be as bad. Then before I would start medication. First take you blood pressure at different times for a couple of weeks. See what those readings are. Often times patients have elevated BP's because they are anxouis about being in the MD's office. It could be high because you are just "running in" to get your shot during a hectic day. If it is still elevated I would look first at the meds you are taking for your allergies. More than likely you are taking a decongestant of some kind. You could cut back on the dose or stop the med altogether. Oral steriods can also increase your BP. There are others as well. I would also try lifestyle modifications. Your MD may have already addressed some of these issues though and I would be cautious about dismissing a high diastolic. Good Luck

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