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Posted by friend on August 26, 2000 at 19:47:56:

In Reply to: Can't prove it but-- some things kept REAL quiet on meds! posted by Lydia in NC on August 26, 2000 at 12:50:19:

: Greetings to all: I was on the lowest dose of a Beta Blocker type blood press. medicine for 2 1/2 yrs....noticed hair starting to fall out!!!! NONE of the cautions on pharmacy sheets I was given EVER said this could happen. I had to dig like crazy to find out BB type medicines can cause this...& my Dr. and two pharmacists said "No couldnt be the med."

: I lost loads of confid. here in med.folks/pharm. and I wonder why I was immediately taken off BB type and put on ACE type??? Wasn't my thyrioid-that was tested. ANYONE ELSE FIND OUT THE HARD WAY WHAT SOME OF THE MEDS CAN DO? I cannot prove it was med. but I will always believe it as when I was taken off BB it stopped within 6 weeks or sooner. Input appreciated.

I Always/ALWAYS look for an option to taking ANY medicine for ANY cause. There is ALWAYS a trade-off. Did you know that statistically there are far more deaths due to prescribed medications than there are to alcohol and street drugs put together? Blood pressure meds can put you MORE at risk for heart attack & stroke in some cases. When a person dies of heart attack or stroke while taking blood pressure meds, people will say "Oh they had HBP" How many docs will investigate to see if it was the med?? LOL There is soooo much we are not told. You just have to take responsibility for your own health and question and research everthing you can get your hands on when something pops up. Unfortunately, it is a problem in our society that people want a quick fix. Just pop a pill and all will be well. lol

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