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Posted by Laura on October 18, 2000 at 09:55:11:

In Reply to: Anxiety? or something wrong? posted by Beth on June 05, 2000 at 21:45:29:

: Hi! I sometimes get a little obsessed about my bp. If I feel a hot flash or feel a little "off-balance" I will jump and get my bp monitor. Sometimes it is normal, but when it won't get a reading I will get panicky, thinking it is too high or too low. I had an incident last year when my bp dropped too low, and since then I am paranoid about it. The dr. called it a "vagus reaction" and sent me on my way. Just a minute ago it was too high for me 130/90, then I tried again, and it was 110/86. It runs normally low, like 112/73. Why am I freaking out???? I am sooo sensitive to feelings that are going on with my body! Is this normal? or do I listen to my body and every little twitch , funny feeling, or hot flash and think something is wrong? I am 38 yrs old and sometimes I feel like I am falling apart! Help.

Please get 2nd, then 3rd, then 4th opinion on the causes of all this. I had problems for 15 stinking, and I mean stinking, years. Turned out to be thyroid. Felt freaked out, had high blood pressure, became depressed at various times, and got told what to do and how to "fix my problem" from several unqualified friends, family members and incompitent (sp?) docs. If doc says, "no, don't think its that", ask someone else who specializes in endocrinology or heart meds. There are so many chemical (endocrine) things that can get befuddled, its rediculous. Psychiatrists will feed you Prozac and anti-anxiety drugs. Heart specialist will feed you beta blockers, but the cause may be endocrine-- such as will thyroid disorders. In fact, if doc does not check thyroid upon observing that you have high blood pressure, immediately get new doc or get crabby with the one you've got. Very few doc, I've found, fully understand the intricacies of endocrine, so patients are ofter misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Then of course, go to the library and research all you can, drill your doctor and don't expect a quick fix, but an appropriate, long-lasting fix. People freak out for darn good, chemical reasons, even if our society in general does not perceive it as such. Laura

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