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Posted by friend on November 01, 2000 at 23:30:02:

In Reply to: Re: BP seems to go up for no reason posted by Ken on October 28, 2000 at 09:02:56:

: : I had my annual doctor appointment for my bp. At home my readings have been like 130/80, which is great.
: : Today it was 140/90 at the docotrs. I am on Verapamil 240mg once a day. Why did it go up like that.
: : She did use a small cuff, and I am not a small women. I have been going to the GYM, eating much better
: : then I used to and lost 25lbs in a couple of months, so shouldn't this be going down. Could it be because
: : of the doctors office, or the small cuff. Is 140/90 serious.

: : Thanks Tammy

: Dear Tammy:

: In addition to the response already posted, the average increase in BP is about 10 points due to "White Coat Syndrome", so your BP response is average for visiting a doctor's or dentist's office. A doctor takes this into consideration when taking your BP.

: Age plays an important part in determing your BP. Other medical conditions, especially heart disease, will determine the reading you should not exceed based on a resting pulse rate. The threshold for high blood pressure in 140/90. My Cardiologist wants my BP at 140/80 and I am 62 years young.

: Another suggestion would be to restrict salt in your diet even if you are not salt sensitive. Salt (sodim) tends to retain body fluids, and as a result may raise your BP slightly. The amount of salt intake per day to maintain health is 2,400 mgs.

: Ken

Hi Ken,Bloodpressure can and does increase by 10 and even MUCH MORE in the docs office. I am living proof. Also, 53 years young.

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