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Posted by Ana on December 13, 2000 at 03:32:32:

I have just been diagnosed today with high blood pressure and have been noticing that Ken has some real knowledge on the matter.
I was involved in a car accident in June and have been having treatment for that and my blood pressure has not come down since the accident.
I have seen several Doctors and Neurologists and they are quick to thow medications at me and I am not one to just take what they prescribe.
I agreed today with my Doctor to try a low dose medication for 3 months and I am not happy about it.
I also noticed that Ken mentioned that an overactive thyroid may be the cause of it because I do have sweating at night and other times too?
I also have been on Mau Haung and Ephedra for several years with no side effects until the car accident.
I haven't had my thyroid checked this year yet..I always do it after the first of the Year?
I am not happy taking medication and am planning on finally joining a gym after the first of the year to finally work out regularly after the car accident.
Do you think I can lower my blood pressure as it has seemed to be aggravated by the car accident?
I don't want to take medication for the rest of my life and why now? I do eat well and don't consume salt..
only the hidden salt in all processed foods.
I know my nutrition but have been under a tremendous amount of stress the last year and a half and my car accident seemed to set everything into
high mode. It does fluctuate when my holistic Doctor takes it it is not high...but I do feel pain in my chest more lately as much as I hate to admit it.
What should I do..Ken seems to know alot but I would also welcome anyones advice and have even sold Herbalife with the ephedra in it!!
It works great and have never had trouble with it. So what are your thoughts out there?
Just do the medication and see if I have side effects and hopefully lower the blood pressure with exercise?
Today it was 150/100 the highest ever. My blood pressure in the last year has always been 125/78 or so..something is going on and It has been a year since my thyroid was checked and I am on synthyroid.
Could it be that my dosage is too high? Would that make me sweat and have high blood pressure?
Any response would be greatly appreciated..please email to my email address as I am not too sure how to check this message board and how I stumbled on to it.
Thanks so much....Ana

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