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Posted by dina on December 13, 1999 at 20:42:18:

In Reply to: Re: high blood to this posted by Tom on December 13, 1999 at 18:31:35:

: : hi all..i am 31 years old and have been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. i am on zestril only 5 mg, but they are going to increase it becuase it it not working effectively enough for them initial readings were about 160/110 and now they are down to 150/98. is this really high? is 160/110 really bad? my doctor is not really telling me a whole lot and i'm kinda lost..any info would be appreciated..thanks...dina

: Dina....1st....yes, 150/98 is definitely high...the problem is long term if you allow your bp to remain on the high side....I was diagnosed at 173/114 at my highest reading. My doctor put me on zestril immediately. As I am a person that dislikes taking any medication on a regular basis, I went down to the local health club and began an excercise program. I went off from the zestril about 2 months after starting my excercise program and my blood pressure went right back up. I did this a couple of more times and was finally successful after about 6 months. I currently take no medication but have continued excercising and my bp is completely normal. Guess it all depends on whether you want to be on medication or not and you sound like a person that doesn't want to be. I just wanted to let you know that there is an alternative and I guess you would have to try it to see if it would work for you, but I have not only gotten my bp back to normal, but have also reaped the many other benefits of a normal workout routine. I strongly recommend that you try it, but whatever you do, whether it be excercise or medication, keep your bp down to normal levels. You are still very young and have a lot of life to live and as you go on you will realize how important good health is. Good Luck!

thanks tom..i appreciate the feedback...i ahve so much going on right now that exercise has to be the last on my list. i have three kids and they are involved in sports. i also suffer from severre psoriasis and that takes three trips a week to the doctor for light box treatments. (40 minute ride one way) i get home with just enough time to do what i have to do before picking up th ekids..etc... i will try your advice though and try to squeeze in a walk maybe three times a week. it can't hurt right? thanks again..dina

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