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Posted by Jackie on December 14, 1999 at 22:34:01:

In Reply to: Please help my dad posted by Amber on December 14, 1999 at 18:28:43:

: My dad is 47 years old and has had poor health most of his life with asthma and eczema. However he has managed his diseases and has been active for most of his life. For the last year he has had some bad health problems but no one knows what is exactly wrong with him. He thinks he is dying because he feels so bad. We live in Phoenix. If you know of any doctors who can help us please post their name/number.

: Symptoms:
: --sharp and dull pains in intestines, behind shoulders, and stomach area.
: --sudden high blood pressure that returns to normal within a few hours.
: --loss of sensation in patches of skin, usually on face and arm, that only last a short while. Sometimes he also feels a tingle or burning on skin.

: Treatments/Tests so far:
: --he has mild kidney stones but they are too small to treat at present and are not the cause of what he is experiencing.
: --gall bladder was removed.
: --has had numerous tests to rule out most disorders of the bowels and liver.
: --the doctor's only guess right now is that it may be some kind of chemical poisoning but still waiting for blood tests. If it's not this, we are at a complete loss. He just went in to the ER again last night for high blood pressure, but a couple of hours later he was fine and they sent him home without a clue.
: --the next step is a full CAT scan of his entire body but may not happen because of insurance restrictions.

: Thanks for any input you can give!

Has anyone ever mentioned anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression in regard to your dad?
I am not a doctor so this is not medical advice but unexplained pain, rise in blood pressure and tingling can all be symptoms of anxiety/panic. So can thinking that you are dying. It might be worth checking in to. Good luck.

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