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Posted by Ana on January 10, 2000 at 19:52:49:

In Reply to: My experience with HBP and anxiety posted by Tom on November 21, 1999 at 14:31:29:

: I was diagnosed with HBP about 2 years ago, my whole family suffers with this too. I was given 10mg of something
: back then and watched my BP carefully over the 1997-1998 year ... always seem to stay the same about 170/90,
: well I got lazy and stopped taking medication and just kept an eye on my BP every once in a while. Still 170/90 average.

: About two weeks ago, I was settling down to watch Sunday Night Football, grabbed some pretzels and some
: steamed shrimp leftover in the fridge from the night before. I caught myself saying 'sheesh, I hope the shrimp isn't bad
: or tainted by now', after eating about 15 of them. Well, within seconds, I caught myself having my first ever PANIC
: attack. Had to lie down and catch my breath. Well, for the next week I was constantly feeling light headed and
: getting panic attacks about 4-5 times per day, especially when I started thinking about sickness, death, tumors,
: you know, the 'what's wrong with me' syndrome. I could feel my BP rising.

: I made an appointment at with my Doctor and went. Sitting down the Nurse took my BP and it was 180/102. Yea, high,
: but maybe normal for me being in a Doctor's office being that I have white coat syndrome. I was OK with that
: though. Upon entry of my Doctor into the examination room, he preceeded to tell my that I was a great candidate
: for heart attack, stroke, my liver could be blocked etc. OK I was scared. I was sweating and feeling faint.
: Then he took my BP.

: Yea, right ... It was by this time 240/120 ... he wanted me to go to ER ... I said nope, I am going to lay down on
: this table for about 10 minutes, calm down and then take my BP again. He did and it was 180/105. He prescribed
: Norvasc 5 mg, and sent me on my way with an appointment a few days later. Of course, I felt terrible the remainder
: of the day, had a few panic attacks etc. (This was 19 November 1999) ... My next appoinment is Monday,
: 22 November 1999. This time I am going to tell him to take my BP before he says anything at all. Then he is free
: to scare me to death.

: Anyway, my BP is averaging about 160/105 right now and I am sure that it fluctuates wildly, especially when thinking
: about it. When I feel my BP is higher, I lay down and meditate, try to control my pulse and my thoughts a little,
: and after about 1/2 hour seems to work somewhat.

: My experience with Norvasc so far is that my body seems have more of a fluid feel to it, in the arms and
: legs/feet. And I feel tired more now, since the visit Friday to the Doc, than I have before. I am going to ask him
: to change it to a beta blocker, which too, may help me with the panic attacks.

: I think that one of th main battles with HBP is in the mind. Or that is what I think ...

: Tom

I have been suffering with high blood pressure for years and took vasotec then to accupril (gives me a dry cough) but which brought it under control until until about two months ago it zoomed up to 160/120. My doctor then tried me on Norvasc along with accupril which affected me in many ways (all the side affects you can name I had it) Headaches, sleepiness,constipation, flatulence, etc all of the above. I felt really bloated. Norvasc was not one of the better drugs. I am now trying Cardiezm. I read somewhere that Norvasc is not water soluble and it slows down the colon therefore causes constipation and flatulence.

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