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Posted by Dave Smith on January 20, 2000 at 12:17:01:

In Reply to: 26/black/male 50mg atenolol/chloridone posted by Serena on November 08, 1999 at 03:05:30:

: My husband recently went into the hosptial to have his appendix out and was diagnosed with hbp his was 150/100 while in the hospital and now at home is 114/79 He began the medication prescribed but stopped taking it after 2 days to see if we could monitor it more closely to see if he really needs to be on this. Since he has been home his bp has been fine. Does anyone know if and how much this can be misdiagnosed. I mean it is obvious it was high in the hospital but was it really necessary for him to be put on medication? We currently do not have insurance and will not receive it untill january 2000, my husband just started a new job and has to wait 90 days for his benefits. I know we should consullt a dr but there is no way we can afford it....Is anyone or does anyone know a dr to give us some good advise? Thank you!
: Oh and my husband is in excellent shape he works out reularly.

: Sounds like white coat syndrom or anxiety. I did the same thing befor gall bladder surgery. Please, if you dont need it dont take it. If his BP is @ 145/85 just modify your diet and take garlic and eat celery. you will be fine. I was put on Atenolol and nearly killed myself due to fatigue caused by the drug. I am now on Procardia and Xanax to overcome the effects of the other. Never take a drug if you dont have to. Good luck another 50ish male but white.

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