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Posted by Bill on February 28, 2000 at 21:32:08:

I posted a similar message two weeks back but did not get any response so I am giving it another shot in hopes that there will be others responding who can identify with or explain this phenomenom. I have noticed a typically 5-10 mmHg difference in my blood pressure between left and right, with left usually being lower, but sometimes it will be higher than right. But most of the time, the right side is higher. Can anyone explain this and what might cause it to normally be higher but sometimes lower on the right side? Typically when such is true the left side will average about 130/80 while the right will be 135/88 after more than one reading with an electronic BP machine (an Omron HEM712 self-inflating unit). But what is strange is that sometimes second and third readings taken in each arm will be closer together. Is there any explanation for this? Also, is a second or third reading just as believable (or more so) than a first check if subsequently done within a minute or two of the first one? Occasionally there may be a 15 mm difference which will go down to 5 points or less. This seems strange. I have also had the nerve to try the same machine on my forearms and there is little difference between left and right if the arm positions are the same (I understand, of course, that these devices are not meant for the lower arm).

In light of all of the above, is it safe to average the aggregate values between left and right and come up with a final value or must the higher side always prevail? What factors may typically cause the difference to shift from one side to the other and prevent equality between left and right sides? Is this occurrence common? By the way, I am 33 years old, white, male, and have minimal family history of hypertension. My weight is close to normal for my height. Thanks, someone, for responding; I understand that what may be said is normative only and not a substitute for consulting with a physician.

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