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Posted by Kim Morgan on March 09, 2000 at 22:39:56:

In Reply to: Very young for high blood pressue! posted by Andrea Cushing on March 09, 2000 at 16:47:31:

: Im concerned about a friend, she is only 30 years old, and has extremely high blood pressure episodes since pregnancy 2 1/2 years ago. Doctors pretty much ignoring it, gave her betta blockers last week and sent her home. Yesterday, her whole left side of her face and head went numb! She called the doctor and they said its not related and not to worry, also last week her blood pressure went so low she felt sick to her stomach and they said her blood pressure was so low it was like "bottoming out" . . . yet they are not doing any further tests, Im really worried about her, any suggestions??? Please send reply to my e-mail address if possible thank you. [email protected]

I also have extremely high blood pressure since pregnancy 4 years ago. After seeing 3 different internal medicine physicians, and 10 different medications, I finally gave up searching for the right way to control my hypertension. Two months later, I suffered a small stroke. I'm only 36 years old. Even though I supposedly am to make a full recovery, I've been advised that you should NEVER give up your search for the right treatment. Her life depends on it! I urge you to talk your friend into seeing another Dr. as soon as possible. Sounds like she's showing signs of a possible T.I.A. (transient iscemic attack). If she has numbness in the face again, call 911! This is a life threatening situation. PLEASE e-mail back a response. I care!

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