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Posted by Patricia on June 14, 2000 at 15:35:32:

I have CFIDS/Fibromyalgia, and I've also had POLIO as a child. (Fortunately I was one of the ones that had a mild case, and only a slight limp, and a shorter leg resulted from the Polio) As a result, at around the age of 39 I got sick. My doctor put me in the hospital and I was diagnosed finally. After suffering symptoms for about four years. Anyway, medications were tried, and on a visit for a physical it was discovered my cholesterol was 345. Previous to that it was closer to normal, but starting to get high, and I refused to go on medication for it. When it hit 345 though I had no choice, but to go on Lipitor.
Well, Since I already had pain in most of my body I figured it wouldn't hurt to try Lipitor for a while. Within a couple of weeks or so, my arm started to really hurt, and the burning sensation was unbearable. I went to my doctor, he said it was Tendinitis and that I'd have to put up with it. When it didn't go away after about a month I went back to him, he then refered me to an Orthopedic doctor, who confirmed that it was tendinitis, and recommended Physical therapy which I did. (I had been told I could go for more therapy, but I have yet to hear, from the place I went, to go back. I was refered to an orthopedic surgeon who also confirmed tendinitis.
Meanwhile I'd been online and looked up lipitor, only to see that the side effects can be very serious, including muscle and other burning pain etc. So I too decided to take myself off the lipitor.
I've been off the lipitor for at least a month now and my arm feels much better, although it's not perfect. (I think I do have tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome from the use of this computer, but it's not nearly as intense as it was when I was on lipitor. I Truly believe that lipitor is responsible for my pain also. Thankyou for listening. Trisha.

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