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Posted by Shannon on August 15, 2000 at 12:19:02:

In Reply to: Re: Grab the 'barb posted by Patti on August 15, 2000 at 07:44:14:

: : : Hi, everyone. How are you all doing? First time posting to this board, been posting to general heart disorders. But I came here because I think it applies to this one better. I read today that a rubarb is good for reducing your cholesterol. I don't know if it reduces just the bad ones or the good ones as well. But if it's good for you, I'm willing to try it. But the thing is I don't even know what a rubarb looks like. I guess it's good to just eat a lot of veggies in general. I haven't read any veggies that are bad for you if you eat too much...are there any? Anyway, I just wanted to come here, meet some people and say a rubarb is good for you (I'm not a rubarb farmer if you're wondering, hahaha). Have a good day, all.

: : > Hi Baja200 and welcome aboard!

: : I've never heard of using rhubarb for reducing cholesterol. But since it's another veggie, it certainly can't hurt to try. Keep us posted with results.

: Rhubarb is considered a fruit I think. Probably because it goes so well with strawberries. Anyway, my mother can recall from her childhood that every spring when the rhubarb grew big enough to eat, the whole family would get a large 'feed' of it. Grandma would say that it was a spring tonic and good for your liver. I'm sure it is good for you but only eat the stems and not the leaves as they are poisonous. And add as little sugar as possible. It is very sour.

> Patti thanks for the update. Actually, I've never even seen rhubarb in stores much less eaten them. Wow, and the leaves are poisonous? Well I wont be trying them anytime soon.

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