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Posted by Shannon on August 26, 2000 at 13:02:35:

In Reply to: HIGH CHOLESTERAL - HELP! posted by V SABE on August 25, 2000 at 14:01:17:

: 6 months ago I went for a cholesteral test and it came back at 234 - 53hdl, 161ldl, 130 trig. I immediately went on a low fat meatless diet and started exercising. I dropped 12 lbs and went for a re-test 6 months later. Those results came back worse than my first test. 235 - 51 hdl, 171ldl,65 trig. I'm 6'3'' 200. My doctor says its genetic and that I should go on medication immediately. I'd like to try and lower this naturally. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

> I donít understand your doctorís urgency to start you on meds, your levels overall are pretty good. Your total cholesterol of 235 is at borderline, but not high risk. Your hdl and trig levels are great, and your ldl is only 10 points above borderline. Your ratio is at 4.6, which is moderate but not high risk. But you do state your levels are high due to genetics? So I donít know how what impact if any our suggestions will have against genetics (anyone with info on this topic?).

Have you tried supplements? Many of us have been successful at reducing levels thru diet, exercise, and using supplements like oat bran, guggul, niacin, red yeast rice, and lecithin. Read thru some of the success stories posted by Jay, Alan, and EatatJoesplace to name a few. Before trying any supplements, discuss with your doctor.

My levels were much higher than yours when first diagnosed and Iíve been able to reduce them without taking meds. Over a 2-month period I made the following changes (old / new): total 252 / 215, tri 108 / 98, ldl 180 / 151, hdl 54 / 48, ratio 4.7 / 4.5. I didnít go on a strict diet, but did cut down on red meats, sugars, and white breads. My next checkup is due in two weeks, am hoping results are in the Ďsafeí zone.

My only other suggestion would be to take tests every 2 or 3 months, at least initially. This way you can find out sooner what is working, or whether to try another route. Once you see progress & reach a desired level, return to 6-month checkups. Good luck to you.

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