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Posted by Bob Travis on September 25, 2000 at 15:31:22:

In Reply to: Genetics of High Cholestrol posted by Frances on September 25, 2000 at 14:08:41:

: Monday, September 25, 2000 at with guest, Jonathon Cohen, Ph.D.
: ************************************************************************************************************************
: Live Chat with Jonathon Cohen, Ph.D.
: ************************************************************************************************************************
: Many people mistakenly believe that only diet determines
: cholesterol. In fact, each individual is biologically programmed
: to have a certain level of cholesterol. Family history plays a
: role in what this level is, and diet and medication can only
: alter that pre-set level to a limited extent.

: Cholesterol is important because high levels are associated
: with heart attacks and strokes.

: Dr. Jonathan Cohen is part of a team of researchers leading a
: multinational study to identify the genes that influence
: cholesterol levels. He will discuss his research and challenge
: some of the popular misconceptions about cholesterol.

: Jonathan Charles Cohen, Ph.D., is an associate professor of internal medicine
: at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. After earning
: his Bachelor's and Doctoral degrees in physiology from the University of Cape
: Town in South Africa, Dr. Cohen conducted postdoctoral fellowships at the
: Center for Human Nutrition and Department of Molecular Genetics, UT
: Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Cohen is working on the Genetic Epidemiology
: of Metabolic Syndrome (GEMS), a project funded by Glaxo-Wellcome that aims
: to identify the genetic underpinnings of a common metabolic syndrome that
: often leads to coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Francis, You, or your doctor friend, or both, are so right. It's tiring to hear people saying that diet and exercise are the total cure for high cholesterol. Worse is the frightening away of people from the only medications available at this time. In effect: yes, LIPITOR is bad....but so is a heart attack, and the almost irreversable atherosclerosis. If diet and exercise where the answer, Jim Fixx (wrote the book on jogging) would not have keeled over and died of a heart attack on the jogging trail. I'm in a situation where my wife reacted badly to the medications, and was not given long to live. (See my post of 7/22, A Case History. The antioxidant BHT that she takes has worked wonders for her, but may not work on everybody. All I can do is tell the story. BHT has no side affects and I have researche roughly 400 clinical papers on the subject. Negative papers have all been under rediculous dosages or, in one case, by administration of large amounts by peritoneal injection. Such was done to sodium sacharin and cyclamates. Now they're back after letting aspertame take the lion's share of the market...(fishy huh). Since my research, I have found another over the counter chemical, ascorbyl palmitate, that promises to do the same thing. Please keep me in mind should the good doctor make a publication. I'm a sponge on the subject. Especially if a way is found to use the dna maps and attach the remedies to the sites...
Thank you for your deserves applause...
God Bless, Bob Travis

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