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Posted by Jay on October 05, 2000 at 17:51:22:

In Reply to: Grest Success Strory for those of you fighting Cholestrol posted by Vikram on October 05, 2000 at 17:36:00:

: Folks, check this out:

: My readings - August 15, 2000:
: Cholestrol - 225
: Triglic. - 445
: HDL - 32
: LDL - Could not be determined because of high Trigl.

: My Readings - Today, October 5, 2000:
: Cholestrol - 113
: Triglic. - 95
: HDL - 42
: LDL - 52

: How did I do it? Send me $100 in mail at the following address (just kidding). It could be one or more or combination of the following measures:

: 1. Bragg, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, with mother (an ingradient, not your mom)- 2 tablespoons, thrice daily. (available at GNC).
: 2. Totally vegetarian diet (being Indian (dots, not feathers), I have been one, since a long time).
: 3. No alcohol, no smoking.
: 4. Fat Free milk products only.
: 5. No butter, margerine. Olive oil, cranola oil are OK.
: 6. Low Carb. diet - low rice, pasta, white flour.
: 7. Daily dose: 1 tab. multivitamin; 2 tabs. Vitamin E (400IU); 1 tab. lecithin.
: 8. Diet Supplement two teaspoons daily - Challenge Isolated Soy Protein 95, (has 0 fat and 0 Carb.)with NF Milk. Available at GNC for $15 for two bins.
: 9. 8 large glasses of water daily.
: 10. Avoid heavy meals, specially at night. Take more frequent, smaller meals.
: 11. Daily breakfast cereal - Oat bran.

: And here is the fun part:
: 12. Exercise program: 40 mins. cardio workout; 30 mins weights - 4 - 5 times per week, at least.

: Folks, anything is possible, if you WANT. I was scared to death when doctor gave me the readings in August. I resolved to get it under control without delay, as I want to live, and live healthy to take care of my 5 year old son, who is suffering from Luekemia.

: Wish you all good luck, and god bless.

Hello, congratulations. I also have a similar story - old/new Cholesterol 277,178, Trig 319/219, HDL 51/55, LDL 162, 79. Itake what you mentioned also Soya, B, E, baby aspirin, red rice yeast, guggul lipid, C, etc...But the key is, like you said, is EXCERCISE. I run 4 - 6 times per week 4 miles, lift, 100 sit ups, I lost 15+ pounds, and I am in better shape, I am 39. The key is to excercise. My theory is that your body is telling you something with these numbers, and most people try to take a pill for the symptoms, but do nothing for the problem. Thanks for listening, Jay

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