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Posted by Bob Travis on October 19, 2000 at 13:07:46:

In Reply to: Lipitor posted by Rose on October 19, 2000 at 02:20:16:

: Hello this is my first time posting infact just found this site. I'm 52 and my cholesterol is 290, I'm only 108lbs. I have changed my diet in a big way I do smoke though. My doctor wants to put me on Lipitor, my heart doctor also agrees with him. So far I have told them no way. And all they do is get mad and say that I'm a walking heart attack. I don't do well with alot of medicne. Now after reading some of your post I'm frightned. Don't know what to do. At this point I feel like throwing up my hands and going for the good old junk food again.
: Rose

Hi Rose, Don't feel bad, your numbers are not terrible unless your HDL's are 0. Read my post on 7-22 and you'll see bad numbers. Also you'll see what my wife takes for them. She also had a stent put in two months ago and was given a drug called plavix to prevent bolood clotting. Her kidneys and liver inflamed and put her in excruciating pain. It also drove her numbers out of this world again. I have increased her time release niacin to 1 gram daily, and her BHT to 1.5 grams daily in an emergency effort to drive her numbers back down. Let's just say that C=790, and Tri=4440 are some bad numbers. It's been two weeks since her plavix episode, and in two more weeks we'll have her new numbers. My source for BHT was, and niacin from Walmart. I now own my own bulk of BHT and package it in gelatin capsules, (which cost more than the drug). I don't sell or give it away for fear of lawsuit by someone who wants to get rich at anyone's expense. In another month I'm going to post an open letter summarizing much of my research over the last year. Until then, you might try what I've done using BHT and niacin. God Bless and help you, B.T.

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