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Posted by Tamara on October 22, 2000 at 14:41:03:

In Reply to: Re: Carbohydrates, low or no... posted by Bob Travis on October 07, 2000 at 06:38:08:

: : : I want to congradulate Mr. Grest. He is doing everything right, and may well set a record life span of 160+. More power to him. Many of the alternatives I read about here are good...hi fibre, red yeast rice, gugul, exercise, etc. are good for people who suffer bad habits; like me. I have my way, which I've shared with you. I do want to say that low carbs is good, but virtually no carbs causes ketosis and hence, irreversible kidney damage. I know Dr. Adkins is famous and learned, but people tend to overdo a good thing. As for stopping a med like Lipitor, or the fibrates, be careful of rebound reaction. Taper down, or you might find yourself in a much worse pile of numbers than you ever dreamed possible. God bless you all, B. T.

: : Ketosis causes irreversible kidney damage? Where did you get this? I have searched and searched trying to find the basis for this rumor, but can't find one shred of evidence to back it up. Got a link or an article that I can look up? Alan S.

: Hi Alan, This can be found by studying diabetes, and is described in most books describing diabetes to the patient. When a diabetic is insulin short, or insulin resistant, his cells can no longer pass through the blood sugars that make energy. As a result, the cells use the energy stored in fat by a process called glycolysis. Meanwhile, blood sugar accumulates and you also lose weight.
: Glycolysis has byproducts, one of which is ketones. Excessive ketones cause severe damage to all organs, especially the kidneys. So does excess sugar. It's for this reason that "KETOSTIX" are sold in diabetic supplies. Check your urine for ketones and if you pass an excess, you're dieting too hard and need carbs. Diabetes is generally the inability to metabolize carb products, and to pass it into the cells. It's the same problem if you consume no carbs. Now what's the biggest problem among diabetics??? Neuropathy resulting in amputation, and ketolysis and sugar overload leading to renal (kidney) failure. If you don't take in carbs, you don't provide the sugars to the cells..and they burn the fat just like in diabetes...the key is moderation. God bless, BT

Actually, ketosis only occurs in non-diabetics and is referred to as Benign Dietary Ketosis. The process of diabetic ketoacidosis is what occurs in diabetics and is completely different. Ketosis is not dangerous for non-diabetics. There is information on this in Dr. Atkins book...

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