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Posted by LpLittleA on October 30, 2000 at 22:35:37:

In Reply to: Re: Jay, what type of niacin? posted by Jay on October 30, 2000 at 11:14:54:

: : I believe the book will allow you to see that the Time released Niacin is a specifically recommended type, not just any type. I asked the author if he has any vested interest in it and he has said no. I would recommend a red yeast rice and guggul lipid, A, B, C, E, soy, lecithin, fish oil, garlic, baby aspirin, and more, but the key is exercising Jay

: :
: : Jay,
: : I see tht the 8 week cholesterol book was published in 1998 and a lot has happened since then in tratment options for cholesterol. Which time release niacin does Bob Kowalski's book - 8 week cholesterol cure recommend?

: Mine is from 1989 - A revised trade paperwork edition was published in 1990 by Perennial Library. There is a new issue in the works. The type of Time released Niacin is Nicoyinic Acid called Endur-acin from Endurance Products Co. Portland Oregon - I am not selling anything here - - 800.483.2532. This is not an ad, so do not boo me. It has worked for me. Jay

If you like niacin, You will love Niaspan. You can read more about it on the internet, a lot has been written on it as it is the only FDA approved niacin for prescription. It is safer than sustain or time release niacin and doesn't flush nearly as much as the immediate release niacin. (Sustain release niacins have a little flush too) Unlike all the other niacins, Niaspan is only taken ONCE A DAY ,at bedtime, when 70% of the free fatty acids (cholesterol) are released into the blood stream. If you do flush, you will be asleep anyway. I am on it and my before/after #'s are: LDL 126/70; HDL 55/100; TG 88/44;Total 234/191 and my Glucose last tested at 92 (120 or less is normal). I take 2,000mg every night and flush maybe once or twice a month, but its no big deal. My insurance covers Niaspan so I pay a $5 copay every month, which makes it cheaper than any other niacin products.

The company that makes Niaspan is coming out with the first combination pill containing niacin and a statin. You can read about that too, its called Nicostatin. It may be marketed under a different name though.

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