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Posted by Bob Travis on November 27, 2000 at 00:03:04:

In Reply to: help posted by teresa bertrand on November 16, 2000 at 16:38:58:

: what kind of diets can you get on if your triglycerides are almost three thousand im on meds but want toknow about diet

Hi Teresa,
When TG's are that high, it's generally genetic, and nothing in the dieting field will resolve it. Your dr. will likely put you on Lopid, which is a fibrate with many side affects such as the runs or vomiting. A far gentler approach is Glucophage. Both are bile acid binding resins that prohibit absorption of fats. A diabetic diet low in carbs and fats is a very good idea. Many doctors don't feel that tg's cause cardiovascular disease, but they are very wrong. Like LDL's, tg's (especially the smaller particle sized) are easily oxidized, and when taken up by macrophages, (a form of white blood cell)the cell becomes a foam cell that expresses adhesion molecules causing it to stick to the arterial endothelium. You can help prevent this by going heavy on the antioxidants, such as selenium, vitamin E, and N-acetylcysteine. The best is taking two capsules daily of BHT+ which you can buy from This is a blend of BHT and Ascorbyl Palmitate, and are likely to drop your cholesterol and tg's into the hundreds within six months. In clinical studies, BHT is the only medicine or supplement that prevents atherogenesis (plaque buildup), and excessive intimal tissue growth. What you have is serious and can lead to claudication and ischemic problems, since at these levels, there is a tendency to form aggregates of blood platelets and oxidized ldl's and chylomicrons (the lipoprotein containers of tg's). Are you having any muscle cramps or charley horses. These are indicators of low oxygen and poor blood flow. It you have any questions, my E is [email protected] God bless and help you,

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