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Re: Recurrent Infections, Lymph node swelling, normal blood tests

Re: Recurrent Infections, Lymph node swelling, normal blood tests

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Posted by jane on April 16, 2000 at 09:43:36:

In Reply to: Recurrent Infections, Lymph node swelling, normal blood tests posted by Audrey on March 20, 2000 at 00:03:54:

: Does anyone have any thoughts on this. I am constantly sick. I have fevers almost everyday. I sweat profusely at night. I bleed and bruise easily. I cough up stuff all the time. My lymph nodes are enlarged. Once I month I get really sick, spike a fever, have to get antibiotics. My routine blood tests are normal. I have a family history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, aplastic anemia, palindromic rheumatism, heart disease, diabetes. I don't have diabetes. I do have a heart condition and chronic thyroiditis. All normal with the thyroid though.

I have found through reading and research on the internet that although your thyroid levels are "normal" you can still have symptoms. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have had chronic infections in the past like strep throat, bronchitis,phnemonia, kidney infections and bladder infections. I finally went to the doctor with fatigue, aching muscles and joints, neck pain and swelling glands, something in my throat all the time, numbness in hands and feet, cold, some ear pain and pressure. It took 3 doctors to finally find out I had Hashi's and I still have not been treated. Looking for a dr. to treat me because all my tests come back normal except the antibody test. I have "flareups" all the time, have a good day here and there but then will have many bad days. Sometimes I will run a low grade fever and most of the time my temp is below normal. I never know when it is going to flareup. I have read there are other thyroid tests, such as free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and some others. The only tests I had done for thyroid were TSH and antibody. I have been tested for anemia, adrenal, lymes, plus some other stuff and all came back normal. I need to find a dr. to run some different thyroid tests. I have been told that not all endo. and intern. med. drs. are up on the complexity of the thyroid. Hope you find a specialist that can help. I am still looking. Jane

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