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Re: Childhood Vaccinations?

Re: Childhood Vaccinations?

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Posted by kathy on August 31, 2000 at 16:51:39:

In Reply to: Childhood Vaccinations? posted by JCG on June 26, 2000 at 02:39:56:

: Less than 2 days after receiving his firts set of shots my then 2 month old son was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. I was accused of abusing him and now we are caught up in the terrible Childrens Services system. Anyone with information on vaccinations and their possible link to SBS please reply. My son's life depends on it.
: Thank You

I am terribly sorry about your sons condition. I have read about a lot of vaccination adverse reactions and SBS is surely not one of them. It could be that he has been misdiagnosed, however, if your child truely has SBS it certainly did not happen from the vaccinations. Below is some information taken from an article about SBS.

A baby's head is large and heavy in proportion to the baby's body and there is a space between the brain and the skull to allow for growth and development. When someone forcefully shakes a baby, the child's head rotates about uncontrollably because the infant's neck muscles are not well developed and provide little support for the head. This forceful movement tosses the infant's brain back and forth within the skull causing bruising of the brain, swelling, rupturing of the nerves, tearing of the brain tissue and bleeding. As the blood pools between the skull and a tough fibrous membrane that lies next to the brain, blood collections (or blood clots) are formed. These blood collections produce pressure that along with the natural swelling of the bruised brain causes irreversible damage to the brain cells. In addition, the swelling and pressure causes the brain to push and squeeze down on the brainstem, which controls vital functions such as breathing and heartbeat. If the swelling and pressure are not controlled, the vital functions will cease and the child will die.

To diagnose SBS, doctors look for hemorrhages in the retinas of the eyes, skull fractures, swelling of the brain, blood collections pressing on the surface of the brain, rib and long bone (bones in the arms and legs) fractures, and bruises on or around the head, neck and chest. Dr. Allan DeJong, the medical director of the Children at Risk Evaluation (CARE) team at the Alfred I. Du Pont Hospital for Children says, "When you shake your baby hard enough to give them these injuries, you know you've crossed the line. This is something violent."

This is the link for the rest of the article. I hope it helps.

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