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Re: Weird outbreak, odd symptoms

Re: Weird outbreak, odd symptoms

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Posted by Mrs. B on September 21, 2000 at 09:15:30:

In Reply to: Re: Weird outbreak, odd symptoms posted by Cristina on June 01, 2000 at 01:31:11:

: : Hello, have been suffering from sam symptoms - went for ultrasound. Dr thought she found a lump in armpit - no lump. Queston the amount of time spent on computer may be an underlying cause.

: : I have had a 4 blood tests done so far (HIV, Hep C, CBC and another I can't remember) plus a chest X-ray. All blood tests came out normal and I am HIV negative and Hep C negative. For the last 5 weeks I have had swollen lymph nodes in the right side of my neck, pain in my armpits but cannot feel any lymph nodes swollen there, dull pain in my right side just under the ribs, joint pains on and off, stomach cramps on and off, loud noises in the morning from my digestive system like gurgling, I have from hard to soft to liquid stool from day to day, dark bags under my eyes (this could be from me stressing over all this), pain around my collar bone on and off not severe but achey, the right side of my neck seems swollen like the muscle, chest pains once and a while (not bad ones though). These symptoms seem to rotate and come and go in various patterns. The weird thing is that my mother has had some of the very same symptoms and my dad as well. Dad had no lymph node problems. Mom just had the hurting armpits and diarhea for 4-5 weeks. My brother-in-law had swollen glands in his neck as well and chest. He had catscans done and 3 lymph nodes removed from his chest... nothing found. Could this be some long lasting viral infection or bacterial infection? A friend of mine says she has had symptoms similar as well where she is sick for a week, better for two days and sick again for another week with different symptoms for the last 4 weeks. Fatigue did plague me for 3 days but went away completely. Loss of appetite for a few days as well, but I have a full appetite again. Any clues? I have suspected at this point maybe lymphoma, but by lymph nodes hurt and only one is big enough to feel and it is rubbery and not hard. Also, all my blood test work came out fine as I stated. Lately the symptoms have come down to just the swollen right side of neck and one lymph node that seems to be shrinking under my jaw at the corner of the right side of my neck. The pain in my armpits went away almost entirely. I still have the diarhea on and off in the mornings. My collar bone area where my neck meets the collar bone still aches on and off throughout the day but not bad pain just dull and not all the time. Anyway, I'm confused. I did experience lymph node inflamation in the right side of my neck last year as well at around the same time... month of March, but then I was fine for 10 months with no symptoms at all. Also I am not engaged in any risky sexual or drug related matters so HIV is out... the test results proved that.

: It could be Mono.

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