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Re: Osteomylitis

Re: Osteomylitis

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Posted by Me on October 28, 1999 at 16:18:50:

In Reply to: Osteomylitis posted by Diana Breland on September 14, 1999 at 00:03:00:

: Could someone please talk about osteomylitis and what would be the best way to prevent this in diabetics. I had a slight ingrown toenail, went to see a surgeon about removing it before it became a problem. He removed it and did not prescribe antibiotics after the removal. He was very aware of my diabetes and argued with me when i requested them after he removed the ingrown toenail. I saw him 3 times and no antibiotics even when it was painfully clear that my toe had gotten worse after the removal. I ended up having to see another specialist because of te poor work of the first doctor. I have had a bone biopsy and completed 13 weeks of antibiotic threapy with ancef IV. I am going to repeat the same procedure next Monday and start another 6 weeks of antibiotic therapy. If this does not clear the infection then amputation is the only option open to me...I will lose the first joint of my Great right toe. I have been fighting this for the last 6 entire life has changed, I amnot able to work because this infection has not cleared and I still can not wear regular or dress shoes.
: My toe is hideous, I am depressed, and scared. Please help me. I need to try to maintain some control over my life and health care. Diabetes is a very devasting disease and I work hard to maintain Blood sugars below
: 250 and as close to 120 as possible. My last glycolated hemoglobin was 7.2 thru out my recover and IV antibiotic period!!!!. I take 1 mg of prandin before meals and have not had a blood sugar above 180
: of late. My fastings are high but Ihave readjusted my snack in the evening to a earlier time and after exercise. As I lose more weight I have even better control of my disease. My goal is to be off prandin by this time next year and controlling everything with diet and exercise. I have been most diligent in lowering my risk for complications of diabetes and it was a slap in the face when the Dr!! made it possible for me to be facing amputation...HELP!!!!...write soon...thanks Diana

I had osteomyalitus in my femur after a IS very scarey...had a draining abcess for years before it was finally scraped out and then it healed. That was 20 years ago, and no problem...but I was not diabetic, either.
This is my own true story...I faced gangrene and amputation also, and was told by a VERY good doc that this was always the case with infection in the bone.
The only difference I can account for is prayer...and a lady brought me brewer's yeast for the natural vitamin B complex every week with orange juice to take it with. She did not even know me, but did this. I took a tespoon a day for two weeks and worked up to 2 heaping Tablespoons a day. The B calmed my nerves and I began to see my illness as a small thing...I began to thank the Lord for healing and one morning had an experience of extreme warmth thru out my leg and body and I felt very moved and cried.
All I can think is that God touched my leg.
It looked the same, but after a couple more weeks it all this was after it had been scraped out and dressed by a doctor.

My point is that the docs had no hope it would heal at all.
But it did.

Please be very careful about your condition. I am not saying your situation is the sam eas mine. I have disfigurement from the accident I was in as well. It IS humiliating. But it is not your fault.
God does not always heal for His reasons, and He left my disfigurements...but He lifts my spirit above the way things look...He will help you through this valley.
I will be praying for your discernment and acceptance of whatever you have to face, and for your healing!!

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