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Re: Well i found out what the dye test felt like,

Re: Well i found out what the dye test felt like,

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Posted by cheryl on April 15, 2000 at 09:33:03:

In Reply to: Re: Well i found out what the dye test felt like, posted by Misty on March 27, 2000 at 18:38:08:

: : BOY DID IT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: : oh i'm so sore it's not even funny...
: : but the good thing is i wasn't blocked!
: : So what now is the question?
: : The test wasn't as bad as i thought it would be but it did hurt and it didn't feel like any kind of period pain i ever had! it was more like getting HIT In the ear drum something more like that...but a sharp pain..
: : The dye didn't hurt at all it was that TUBE that put in me...Omg that's what got me yeah i no i'm a chicken...but I DONE it took everything i had lol
: : thanks everyone for your help you guys are great..OH the cost is around 250.00 not that bad don't guess..
: : Thanks again
: : Lasinda
: I did the dye test too and it was horrible for me! I'm not a wimp either but I was really hoping that it would just be cramps or something and then I would take an advil and go home but it was exactly that way for me. I was sooooo sick and had nobody to drive me home! I was throwing up and had stuff coming out of both ends! lol I almost fainted about 6 or 7 times too. I went in brave and came out crying! lol I dont want to scare anyone but just wanted to share my experience. I found out that one side is blocked and he wants to do it again but I said no.We can work with one tube! :o)

I also had the dye test done. OUCH!! I went scared to death and came out in real pain, the cramping only lasted about 20 minutes but it was NOTHING like menstral cramps. Good luck to everyone.

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