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Re: polycystic ovaries

Re: polycystic ovaries

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Posted by Becca on May 02, 2000 at 13:42:08:

In Reply to: Re: polycystic ovaries posted by Elena Alicia on March 08, 2000 at 19:56:06:

: Hello there I am Twenty two, I am not quite ready to have children. But, I still feel lousy
: about not being able to. I just got health care and I am not sure what to ask my doctor for,
: I didn't care for the pill or the mini pill. I've incorporated regular exersice and an good diet,
: I am afraid of health problems associated with PCO.

: : Hi, My name is Jackie. I'm new to this. I'm 30 and was diagnosed with pco. I had a baby 7 years ago but he died from sids. I've been trying to get pregnant since. I've tried clomid and went to repronex. I tried that for 3 months but it was very expensive. I wasn't responding to that. They had me up to 4 viles a day. I'm back trying the clomid and so far nothing. I was reading some messages and you were talking about another drug. If possible please let me know what that does. I haven't given up hope yet but I'm really frustrated and angry at the world. I feel like I'm depressed all the time and no one knows what I'm going through. Any advise would be really appreciated. I would really like to talk to someone so I don't feel all alone. Thanks...Jackie

: : :
: : : Jackie
: : : I have pco also. I am 26, for a few more days, and I have been on Clomid for 2 months, just started my third month. I have a 2 year old little boy, in which I conceived at the exact time that we wanted. Maybe I did not have pco then, I do not know. The Clomid is making me ovulate, but I am still not pregnant. It is so depressing knowing that I have had one normal conception, pregnancy, and delivery and I can not seem to do it again. Were you ovulating? Do you use an ovulation kit? Have you ever had a dye test? My doctor wants to do one next month and a sperm analysis if I am not pregnant. The insurance does not cover either and they will cost around $800. We are not loaded with money.
: : : Have you tried every month for seven years? What other symptoms of pco do you have?

: : Hi,
: : My doctornever ran any tests. She said I had the symptoms of pco. I was on the shots for 4 months straight. I didn't ovulate at all. The she sent me to another dr. to discuss egg donor. She also said the same thing about the pco. I haven't been back because my ins doesn't cover anything so I'm trying to save the money to do the shots again. I started taking clomid again day 5-9. It's helped me get my period but I'm not sure about ovulating. Whenever I do the test it always says I'm ovulating. I also just bought this herb that someone told me about called vitex. It's supposed to help with fertility. Iv'e been trying for 7 years but not always with fertility drugs. I tried for a long time before I got pregnant the first time. Then I started birth control for a couple of months and somehow I got pregnant. i guess it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't die but it's so hard. Thanks for listening......Jackie

:Hi, my names Becca and I am almost 17. I have had one or two periods since the age of 15, but literally only one or two. For almost 18 months I had no bleeding whatsoever, and I went to the doctors, but because of my age the kept sending me away. Then I got Glandular Fever, and was asked about my cycle. She was suprised that I hadn't got one to speak of. She refered me to the consultant, and i had a blood test. This showed an abnormal level of one of my hormones. On thursday i went for an ultra sound, and although i have got to have it confirmed, it showed signs of me having polycystic ovaries. I may be worrying about nothing, and I have no plans to have kids just yet, but i am worried about infertility. I had never heard of this condition until now, and I was hoping that maybe one of you would read this message and be able to give me some advice. IF you can, and would like to e-mail me I would be extremely grateful. I am a teenager. Is hould be worrying about homeowrk, boys and what i'm gonna do at the weekend, not whether or not I can have kids!!

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