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Posted by Chrissy on July 28, 2000 at 14:13:53:

In Reply to: STOP I NEED YOUR HELP posted by dalai on July 28, 2000 at 10:51:33:

: I am 24 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for the past seven years.I spot brown up to a week before and a week after my period. My periods have never been normal( I've never had cramps either) and now my periods are anywhere from 8 days to 40 days. I need all kinds of help. First, I need to know what this sounds like and could this be causing my infertility? Also, I am low income and know that I can't afford to pay to see a specialist up front, know any infertility insurance available and if so what are the premiums? Third, where to begin, what questions to ask, what test should I get first? I need the support of every woman, every where. I feel so alone like I am the only woman on earth not able to concieve. Any advice,tips, or those good old success stories always welcome. Please don't leave me out here alone.

Hello. I am here to tell you that you are not the only one not able to get pregnant, there are more of us than you may realize, so do not feel alone. I have been trying myself for over 4 years now and no baby yet. When we first started we did not make much oney either and had no insurance, we paid to see my obgyn and after months on clomid with no succsess we just tried on our own for a while until my husband got a good job with health ins., I am now with an RE and was just diagnosed by laproscopic surgery with stage 4 endometriosis, so we are going to IUI with injectables. There are several tests that are very important, one being the HSG test (this shows if you have blocked ubes, fibroids, and that your uterus is of normal size and shape), they inject dye through a cath. and watch it spill out of your tubes on a screen kind of like an ultrasound, all you do is take a couple advil before the test. Also it is important to have your husband do a sperm analysis. You should talk to your doctor about endometriosis if you have strange period cramps, or syptoms, anf suspect it they would need to do the lap surgery to diagnose it, they can most of the time work on you while they are in there to take of some endo, and clear any adhesions. Another good test is the PCT (post coital) where you are asked to have intercourse and then you go in and they use a little thing shaped like a very small turkey baster to get a sample to see if your cervical mucous is hostile by checking how the sperm are moving around in it. And of course you should have blood work, a physical, and be taking your basal body temps and you can try a ovulation predictor kit at home to time intercourse to your most fertile day. I have this book called "Getting Pregnant" what couples need to know right now, and one of the authors last names is Laurensen I think, this book has helped me alot.
There are so many bulletin boards and good sites to go to and reading others stories helps educate yourself on infertility. Good Luck.

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