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Re: pcos

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Posted by Christy on September 14, 2000 at 21:13:27:

In Reply to: Re: pcos posted by Lenna on September 13, 2000 at 17:52:36:

: : : : : : : I just found out that I have pcos...I have been ttc for almost two years...I am up to 200 mg of clomid this month..the doc thinks I should O this month and says pcos is an easy fix normally..the thing I am concerned about is I have been reading up on pcos and it looks like a high rate of miscarriages happen with this..I would like to know if anyone knows how common that there anything to prevent it before you get pg and how likely the chances of getting pg and keeping it are...thank you.

: : : : : : Hi!! you are in the same boat I'm in. I'm about to start 200mg Clomid. My RE thinks that I'll respond well to this medication because all of my bloodwork comes back "normal" except testosterone. If no ovulation this cycle I'm moving on to injectable medication. I was also wondering about miscarriage rates...

: : : : : Im so glad to know someone is going through the same thing I long have you been ttc? Do you have any other children? My doctor said that pcos usually responds to 200mg of clomid so hopefully it will work for both of us! Keep me posted.

: : : : This is my second cycle on Clomid (150mg last cycle didn't do a thing!!) So on to 200mg...hopefully something will happen this cycle!! children here. you? Good luck. Keep me posted

: : :
: : : I am on day 14 of 200mg and I do believe I had ewcm for the first time in I dont know how long..I was so excited this morning when I saw it..I havent Oed in such along time Im going to throw a party if the blood test comes back and says I luck on your 200mg!!

: :
: : hi I also have pco's and i'm going into my fourth iui cycle for the first two cycles i was on clomid 150mg I responded but it was a slow process then for cycle three we used 200 mg of clomid and my response was a little quicker and now ive taken 200mg clomid plus 1 amp of gonal f injectibles and this cycle my estrogen levels have incresed and there are four follicles in the growing stages. I hope you all have luck with the clomid maybe you should discuss using clomid and injectibles together???

: : I too have just found out i have pcos. I was able to naturally conceive 8 months ago and miscarried on the 8th week. I took 50 mg of chlomid for the first time last month which helped me conceive a month later. Unfortunately, i developed a large ovarian cyst due to this medication and have just miscarried on week 7 this time. I don't know what the miscarriage rate is with pcos, but from personal experience it would appear grim. I will be discussing with the fertility specialist what the next step will be. I've heard about treatments with various drugs for patients with pcos and my fertility specialist will be discussing options with me in the near future, once my body has recovered. Anyone else out there have had a similar experience?

I have PCOS as well but I didn't find out until after I went through fertility treatments and had my two daughters. I ovulated on 50mg Clomid the first time I got pg but it took 250mg x 3 months the second time. I also got pg once after that on 200 mg but miscarried in my 6th week. We then decided that we were lucky to have two children and have chosen not to pursue another pregnancy. However, I went to my GYN this summer and he told me that they are now using Glucophage to treat PCOS. It somehow lowers your insulin levels and helps you ovulate and lose weight. It also lowers your risk of becoming diabetic down the road. There have been studies that show that Glucophage used with Clomid is successful in causing ovulation in over 90% of patients. You might want to research and ask your doctor about using it as well. It's a medicine used for diabetes. Don't give up hope.....I know it gets frustrating to want to be a mom when it seems everyone else is having a baby but you,but it always seems to happen when you least expect it. Good luck and feel free to email me,as I doubt I will check this page often to see if anyone has responded to my post. [email protected]

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