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Re: What is wrong with me?

Re: What is wrong with me?

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Posted by Carrie J. on October 16, 2000 at 09:29:26:

In Reply to: What is wrong with me? posted by ashlee on September 29, 2000 at 19:15:58:

Ashlee - sometimes, there can be something wrong with both partners, which is why it is important for both of you to get tested. But I understand it can be expensive... I felt the need to write because I identified with you - I usually ovulate early, too. After all the usual initial tests the doctors found that I have Luteal Phase Defect, which is another way of saying my progesterone levels during the second half of my cycle are low. Low progesterone can also (although not absolutely reliably) be indicated by noticing low temps during the second half of the cycle. The first half of the cycle, normal temps are usually below 98 with a dip right before ovulation, and during the second half of the cycle, normal temps are above 98. The overall chart at the end of a cycle looks almost like a (loosely interpreted) dip followed by an arch. My "arch" is low. Clomed helps solve the problem, per my doctor. I tend to believe the doctors, because my temps during the "arch" phase have improved, and I ovulate right on time (day 13 or 14) while on Clomed. Have you been taking your temperature? It might be worth your while to at least take out some books from the library on the topic. Try to find recently published sources, because there have been a lot of new medical findings over the years and things change. : My name is ashlee, I am 21 years old. I have been with my husband for four years. We have never actually tried to have a baby, but we have been having unprotected sex for the past four years, and I have never been pregnant. I have no known health problems, and either does he. Now we want me to get pregnant, but this is obviosly going to be difficult. For the last three months I have been using the ovulation sticks. I noticed that I have a normal 28 day cycle, but I seem to ovulate early. My LH surge will be detected a day or two after my period ends. What could this mean? I know I ovulate, because a day or two after my Lh surge is detected, I will get ovulation cramps and I will get the slimy mucous stuff. About a year ago, my husband got his semen tested. His sperm count was high, motility was excellent, but where is said viscosity, it said(2+) and had a little star by it, which indicates "abnormal". Does any one know what that means. I was told viscosity means the thinness or thickness of sperm. I am very confused on why I am having a problem concieving. I hear that fertility tests are very expensive, and I just don't have thousands of dollars to do that. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Any advice would be very helpful.

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