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Re: Male Infertility

Re: Male Infertility

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Posted by Philip on December 04, 2000 at 13:06:49:

In Reply to: Male Infertility posted by Jackie on November 28, 2000 at 11:55:08:

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now with no luck. Last November I had a semen analysis done and it came back with 4% normal sperm according to Kruegers Strict Morphology test. The specialist immediately assumed "good candidate for IUI" with no other explanation. Being of a scientific background myself and a firm believer of Etiology (the science of cause) I was not satisfied with their answer. I asked myself "Why? Why would my morphology be off?" Of course no one had any answers but lots of people were quick to tell me about artificial means for conceiving, of 'forcing nature' of trying to create a cure without knowing the cause of the problem. I went out on the web like you are doing and gathered enough information to know now two things: 1) that one opinion is not nearly enough, and (2)that there are many ways to attack the cause of the problem your husband might have. As to the answere to Number One:
Have your husband go to more than one lab to have the test done. Labs vary widely on their analysis of sperm samples. Also, spread the testing out over several months (over a year) Sperm quality varies alot over the course of time. Also, different labs use different ways of assessing morphology: some use Krueger's Strict Morphology while others use criteria set by the World Health Organization wher <15% observed normal forms is considered a problem with fertility. Also, have your husband talk to more than one fertility specialist. If your OB/GYN is the only person you talked to about this, then you need to get more opinions from endicrinologists and fertility specialists. For instance, my first sperm test about a year ago showed just like your husband's test. One month later I took another test (from the same lab) and it was 5%. At this point I made several lifestyle changes. and tested 3 weeks ago. My sperm morphology had jumped to 80%! and all the other aspects of my semen were good too.

As an answer to number two, there are several ways to tackle what might be causing your husbands problem. Making lifestyle changes helped me out greatly. Have your husband drink l
ess coffee, quit smoking, only drink a couple of ounces of alcohol a week, wear loose clothing (especially loose underwear-preferably boxer shorts or nothing at all), eat more vegetables, start taking antioxidant vitamins, take multivitamins, take L-Carnitine in 1000 Mg doses daily, and exercise (including cardiovascular exercise like jogging and aerobics). Control environmental factors also such as: stay away from polluted air. Smog and Nitrous Oxides from traffic is being linked to decreased fertility in men. If you live in a city which has Ozone alert days, do everything possible to stay indoors away from the ozone pollution. My wife and I lived in Dallas, a very polluted city, and decided to move out of the city when I found out I had a morphology problem. I think this has helped. Have your husband stay out of the heat as much as possible, heat is very bad for sperm. Tell him to stay out of the hot tub and take cooler showers and baths. If he sits alot, have him sit with his legs spread more to circulate air around his testicles more this helps to cool them off. Have your husband eat less meat and start eating more organic foods, I feel this has helped me out alot. If your husband works with alot of chemicals such as paint thinners and solvents, make sure he keeps them off his skin and ventilates the area extremely well.
Drink clean water without chlorine. I bought a water distiller and drink distilled water as much as possible, the Chlorine in tap water will distribute Free Radicals throughout your body which breaks down protein and is linked to cancer. I think probably the biggest factor which has helped my morphology is having changed jobs where I am no longer under a great deal of psychological stress. Psychological stress is being linked to possibly being the greatest factor in male sperm quality, with toxins in the body being second. If your husband has a Type-A personality type, I would suggest relaxation techniques for him.
Remember that making lifestyle changes might be hard at first, but soon they should become part of the normal routine. There is probably also a 'Placebo Effect' from doing the above which might cause the brain to create biofeedback which might improve sperm quality also. Doing the above will help regardless of what all the doctors might tell you. Remember they make alot of money on procedures such as IUI and In-Vitro and I have heard that your chances of getting pregnant with your husbands sperm will not improve much with IUI and In-Vitro if there really is poor morphology or sperm quality. It is better to try to eliminate the cause of the problem first and get pregnant naturally. Make the above lifestyle changes and talk to several endicrinologists to make sure both of your body chemistry is normal and that there are no immunity problems between you two. The immunity issue is emerging science and there is not much info on this, but this is where endicrinologists can really help. I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Someone with improved morphology

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