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Re: Infertility and Specialists Indifference

Re: Infertility and Specialists Indifference

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Posted by VALERIE on November 05, 1999 at 11:30:08:

In Reply to: Re: Infertility and Specialists Indifference posted by Cathy on October 25, 1999 at 13:40:11:

: :I AM SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT ALL YOUR TROUBLES.I JUST WANTED TO GIVE ALITTLE ADVICE. PLEASE PLEASE WHEN YOU DO GO THREW FERTILITY CHECK OUT AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR DR. I WISH WE WOULD OF DONE A BETTER JOB THAN WE DID. WE SPENT OUR LIFE SAVINGS AND EVEN TOOK A LOAN OUT AGAINST OUR HOUSE TO TRY AND HAVE A BABY AND WE WALKED AWAY WITH NOTHING. WE WERE TOLD IT SHOULDNT BE ANY TROUBLE GETTING PREGANT. WELL OUR DR SURE WAS WRONG AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT WE THOUGHT. WE LATER WENT TO A DIFFERNT DR AND FOUND OUT THE DR WE WENT TO FIRST DIDNT DO ALOT OF THE STUFF EVEN RIGHT.BUT WE DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO TRY AGAIN. AND BY THE TIME WE ARE ABLE TO SAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY AGAIN I WILL BE TO OLD. I AM ALREADY 35 AND NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME CRY AWHILE. PLEASE BE CAREFULL AND GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR DREAMS.VALERI. I am not sure where to begin. I am a 26 year old woman who has never been able to have a monthly cycle. I have been to several specialists who have said different things, but refused to look me in the face, or answer my questions. The only thing they seem to agree on is that they cannot find my uterus, or my ovaries. However, my hormone levels are close to normal for a female (lower normal rates), but when asked how high my testorone levels were, they would not answer. They will not tell me what has caused this disorder. One has said a birth defect that also caused my having only one kidney, one eye, and imperfect hearing. Another questioned the operations I am said to have had when I was young, and insinuated that my organs may have been removed. It has been suggested that iI have an operation to make my small vagina more able to cope with intercourse. Sometimes I do have problems, other times not. Being happily married I would like some answers, and am still unable to attain answers. It is really scary. Shgortly before I turned 18, I lost 15 pounds. I am now a skeleton, and unable to maintain a healthy weight. I have no idea if all of these symptoms go together, or not. Has anyone else experienced so much trouble getting doctors to respond, or be sensititive? I have asked about endometriosis, and been laughed at by one specialist, while being told by antoher that I run a high risk for it. What is the truth? What causes my infertility? Will I ever be able to get a straight answer? I feel as if they are all hiding something from me. It is scary.
: : My infertility has led to a great deal of depression. Like too many other girls, I was raised to believe that a woman's primary responsibility was to raise the next generation. I feel as if I can never be respeceted as an adult, or a woman. (I am sure that looking 10 plus years younger than I am doesn't help!) I have suffered a lot, and been in relationships I am ashamed of because of my depression. I have also lost a very significant relationship because of my condition (eldest son of rich man to inherit, must have heir). Is there any hope? I truly want to break the cycle of poverty and abuse I grew up in. I want to be a good mother to my children. I wish I could have children. Thank you all for listening to my ranting and raving.

: Go to an University Hospital. There the physicians are great and are more than willing to help find out the cause of any problems and will look deep into it. I ran from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me for almost 6 years. I had abnormal periods, was gaing at least 5-10lbs a month with out breaking a 1000 cal diet, sweating, acne, hiritism (excess hair growth), and numerous other problems. A friend suggested that I go to a University Hospital, so I called up to the nearest one. The GYN office seen me then immediately started workups. Within 1 1/2 months I found out that I had a condition called Cushings disease. They found a tumor on my adrenal, removed it, and I feel soooo much better. So, try them out. It is in a teaching situation. There is usually a doctor-in-progress with them, but they explain everything so very well, and they are very straight forward with what is going on and what can be done.

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